Kingdom Chapters 240-242

Finally wrapping up the 2nd war arc. Gonna be volume 100 before Qin manages to unify China at this rate…

Chapter 240: MF

Chapter 241: MF

Chapter 242: MF




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87 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 240-242

  1. Mudd

    I was wondering about Sunday’s release status like some others. Can we get a post about? No worries if its cancelled real life schould come first but the unknown is scary. 🙂

  2. ellebyam

    wow.. 5 chaps this Sunday.. patiently waiting for it 😀

  3. hilders

    Thanks a bunch for the scans Turnip Farmers. Much appreciated!

  4. Bigbug

    I love Sunday

  5. Spamming F5

    *waiting patiently*


  6. Jake jake


  7. geroprog

    3 are more than enough.
    They need a break too sometimes…

  8. sapphire5

    Let me massage you so you could release two more, tomorrow… ^^

  9. Spamming F5

    Releasing 3 chapters even when you are tired. That awesome.
    Take care of yourself 🙂

  10. Alex

    They should just change it to 3 chapters on Sunday. In case they are fresh and lively they could do 5 and everybody would be happy about the extra chapters instead of being sad if it is “only” 3. ^^

    Seriously .. normally there is only 1 chapter per week of other Mangas , anything more is already great, 8 per week is insane 🙂

    Thanks a lot again! 🙂

  11. EnVee

    You guys are seriously FUCKIN AWESOME! I honestly think Kingdom is the best manga I have ever read… Once you open up the donations again you’ve got it no question.

  12. Hz

    the unification war still not began until qin drive away lubuwei ( ryo fu). so its still long away.

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