Kingdom Chapters 243-245

Theros Pro Tour has nothing to do with fewer chapters, no sir.

Chapter 243: MF

Chapter 244: MF

Chapter 245: MF



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101 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 243-245

  1. silver00

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    Thanks for the chapters

  3. xuuuuuz

    just wanna say thank you for your work. keep it up!

  4. nilvithy

    No F5 today away from computer. Refresh web pagr on mobile.

  5. James

    arghh 3.30 pm before release 😦

  6. laclongquan

    2 more hours.

  7. XinKyo

    its now 4pm 😦 .. worth to wait anyway.. 😀

  8. Daniel

    4 pm…. can’t wait 😀

  9. Stregone

    Wohooo waiting for em! Kingdom is just too addictive!! Thanks all for the good work!

  10. Arl

    Waiting for 4pm! Turnip farmers rock!

  11. rengetsu08

    lol!! from 2pm to 3pm to 3:30pm to 4pm… T_T

  12. Nuno

    Forgot to post on these ones 😛
    Huge thanks to you guys!

  13. Lornalt

    Banging my head against the wall waiting for your releases xD

    *Bang* *Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

  14. Bruno

    🙂 Great job guys, you are amazing !!!

  15. F5 for new chap

    Harashingggg my F5 ><

  16. sapphire5

    ok so what time is it now?..

  17. ArgoW

    Guys take your time and make it as good as it can be! AND THX FOR YOUR HARD WORK!

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