Kingdom Chapters 249-251 + Extra

We’re back!

Extra chapter took longer than expected. It’s also unfortunately not being printed in any volumes, hence the quality.

Also, since releases are scheduled on UTC / GMT time and Australia is a country that likes to observe the inane practice of daylight savings, I’ve updated the widget and FAQ to reflect this. Note that you can always find out the correct time by leaving a (timestamped) comment below!

Other stuff: .PSDs and raws will be updated / uploaded after I organise my hard drives. Probably by next Sunday.

Chapter 249: MF | DDL

Chapter 250: MF | DDL

Special Chapter (250.1?): MF | DDL

Chapter 251: MF | DDL



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123 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 249-251 + Extra

  1. CEB

    Thanks guys, I had a question for all.
    On Batoto, there is 2 side stories made by LAG scans,
    Of course 250.1 is more relevant to the main story since it involve Shin,
    I was wondering with the current state of the raw and manga release if there were several other of this kind of speacial treat by Yasuhisa Hara?

  2. XinKyo

    250 and 251 same chapter? tnx guys 😀

  3. Bigbug

    Great stuff! Great update! Tx u so much big bro (and sis??)

  4. makfresh22

    thanks guys!!! awesome stuff!!!

  5. meetingyouweb

    thank you ! 🙂

  6. Nuno

    Love your work! 😀
    Awesome releases!

  7. Butako chan

    Thanks for the chapters guys! Hope you had a great break 🙂

  8. Feldrast

    thank you!

  9. Do we have some mistakes during translation? The location of Kei city feels off. If it’s supposed to be located in the Bishi region of Sanyou, aka newly conquered, then why would the citizens be loyal to Qin? I don’t think they were the newly migrated people but long time denizens, from the story. The story would make sense if Kei city is placed near Qin-Wei border, but as long time Qin territory.

  10. ellebyam

    yay. finally here..
    thank you 😀

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  12. christian

    nice, thanks!

  13. Matt

    Thank all the way from Jamaica!

  14. Van

    what time is the next release?

  15. cuzon

    Thanks. Need more chapters.

  16. anonymus

    Thx guys you’re awesome…

  17. Edward

    Warm up the F5 button. It will dire up soon.

  18. Cian

    F5 Korps ready your fire.

  19. Time?

    We still got another 3 hours?
    A bit soon to be summoning the F5 corps?

  20. Rhinos

    time check..*twitch twitch*

  21. ArgoW

    yay almost time for Kingdom!

  22. vwin01

    return of the F5 buster!!!

  23. Daniel

    checking what time is it. I do hope that you have a clock in here 😀

  24. time check right? excited for the new chapters

  25. Hammered

    just want to know the time now 🙂

  26. ArgoW

    F5 ARMY LINE UP AND a screw this just fire at will!

  27. i just wanna check the time

  28. Daniel

    ok it’s 1:00 pm hahaha 😀 this is also good so the comments will keep coming 😀

  29. noo

    i’m excited chapters ‘re comings i can’t wait

  30. Daniel

    is it already out? thanks 😀

  31. Jumba


  32. Daniel

    1:59 is still considered as 1 pm 😀 LoL

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