Kingdom Chapters 252-253

Only 2 chapters because the typesetter fell asleep. Will release the 3rd chapter tomorrow.

v18 – v23 PSD’s are uploading and should be available over the next few hours.

Chapter 252: MF | DDL

Chapter 253: MF | DDL

Ninja Edit:

Chapter 254: MF | DDL

Oh, and here’s a v2 of 251.

Chapter 251v2: MF | DDL





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148 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 252-253

  1. dinnr

    Terima Kasih.
    Thanks a lot, dude.

  2. Kimba

    Let the wait begin

  3. V2 still has the corrupt image that won’t load :/ you sure you checked it ?

    • It was mentioned in an earlier comment that cdisplay ex does not load the page for some reason.

      The file is not corrupt and should be able to be opened in other image viewers or editors.

  4. cant wait for the next release!

  5. F5Soldier

    Private F5 reporting for duty sir!!!…. Huuraaahh!!!! 😀

  6. I apologise for the delay guys, I’ve only just gotten home from a farewell party for a friend who’s moving abroad and now need to settle some issues for work.

    It’s quite likely I won’t be free to work on the chapters tomorrow either but will definitely have them done by Tuesday at the latest.

  7. Turnin,devourer

    On a more serious note: Take your time 🙂

  8. ^_^

    take your time at least you released 3-5 in a week

  9. geroprog

    Well, sad news, but I (a Berserk fan ) can wait… :)))
    Take your time and relax.

  10. F5 soldier #2

    *goes and cry at a corner*

  11. Rhinos

    what do you mean delayed??? *drops dead*

  12. x-chan

    what happen ?

  13. Annoyer

    My sunday crushed.

  14. info

    “because tryign to scanlate on my old laptop is incredibly inefficient” therefore on hiatus was done in order to fix the laptop problem to make the work more efficient.. Is that so? Still, i don’t see the difference before and after hiatus.. Even the work management after hiatus seems to be worse.. Maybe the real issue is not about laptop.. Maybe they just start getting tired to scanlate this manga like vendetta does.. and usually after having many delayed cases like this, it doesn’t take time for them to drop the manga.. ^_^
    Prepare yourself guys!!!

  15. kingdom lovers

    oh noooooooooooooooo!!!! but…but….(cry a lot)

  16. Snowdrop

    Awww…. Ok, we’ll wait.

    Anyways, I strongly believe that the delays in releases show how the scantalators put their lives first. Yes, there is a possibility that they will drop this manga, but I think they will most likely lessen the load.

    Don’t complain too much people!!!

  17. DeeCee2R

    Grab a pitch fork and start a mob… Just kidding.

    On the real note, please update status before the actual day would help ease the pain for us commoner who is addicted to your product, Let us know a day ahead would be very nice.

    Anyways thanks you for scanning and translating this series, Please take care of your real life stuff and we will await the day “Tuesday” chapters is release.

    PS: please keep us updated and not throw us nothing and say it is delay, just make sure to update before would be nice and calm down some of the mob with fire and pitch fork in their hand. =) Have a great day. 2 more days =(.

  18. flac

    Turnip Farmers…the moment you start viewing the things you once loved doing for fun as a taxing chore… is the moment you begin to hate it. Stop releasing twice a week if its too difficult. Once is good enough

  19. Bigbug

    Tx u guys for the notice, i am eagerly wait till tuesday.

  20. Senadtm87

    It says Monday 3rd November so change it to 4th or Tuesday 5th 🙂
    Anyway ~110 chapters left so keep doing like this and we will be soon at 1 chapter a week. Thx a lot

  21. Alex

    ….delay after delay….

  22. I’ve been pressing F5. Maybe it’s not working… ??!!!

  23. LuBu

    Amazing chapters, thanks for the updates, and honestly, I don’t mind the wait. That means the suspense can build up even further for the awesomeness of this upcoming release. Thanks guys and love the username “gongitraped”

  24. Nadroj

    What happened to the 5 chapters on Sunday? Was it changed to 3 or something? Just wondering because I didn’t see any announcement about it.

    • Boo

      Top right says Tuesday T_T

      Wonder if we will also get our Thursday fix, the pressure must be getting to them even if we are nice about it =(

      • Nadroj

        I don’t mean this week’s release. I mean they use to post 3 chapters on Thursday and 5 chapters on Sunday. Did they decide to change it to 3 chapters on Thursday and 3 chapters on Sunday as the new schedule now?

      • m

        They started to burn out from the work load, which is fair enough. So they dropped it down to 3 chapters on sunday

  25. damsco

    Anybody who is bitching deserves a kick in the nuts. It’s not like they have any obligations towards us.

  26. Sinvx

    Well this sucks, I wont be home 2 weeks starting Tuesday :(.

  27. Turnin,devourer

    To who ever is still bitching, you do realise they do this for free right? They don’t even accept donations..Also..It is better to slowly get used to less updates since in around 100 more chapters it will be time for major withdrawals.

  28. The big three is one chapter a week, Kingdom is 6 chapters a week !!! I know its not that big, but its 6 man !!!

  29. Ac :)

    Why not slow the pace and work 3 chapters a week and do some bonus ones when you have time as this waiting and getting fooled is getting a bit out of hand… 😦

  30. josu

    Please don’t complain, you’r read this manga for free so show your gratitude.
    Thanks for turnipfarmers’s team for your hard work

  31. F5Rookie

    Please people!!! Stop bitching/complaining about delayed or less chapter being released since they have REAL LIFE stuff to deal with aswell. Unlike to some of you who are bitching/complaining probably don’t have REAL LIFE STUFF but just staying at your MOM’S BASEMENT so for crying out loud. If you have nothing else to do, go out of your house and stroll around the park or something.

    PS: F5 Spamming time!!!!

  32. Rahim

    Please just do me a favour and release kingdom once a week all these Assholes complaining are pissing me off! Ungrateful shits!

    What will you do when turnip catches up to the latest then it really will be once a week, these guys have a life plus they are the only group who translates it, If they stop there is nobody else translating kingdom, so no english kingdom for you!

    So learn how to appreciate the hardwork that they put in!!

    Just a little rant!

  33. morekingdomplease

    is it tuesday yet?”

  34. asdf

    Seriously? You guys complaining about the people who complained about the lack of updates are not better, fyi.

    In my case, if there’s a release, cool. There’s Kingdom to read. If not, then it’s fine. The farmers need to plow their fields too.

  35. wert

    thank you so much!

  36. Rimon

    Thanks and waiting.

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