Kingdom Chapter 258-260

Only half a volume of suspense and vague hints to go before something happens!

Chapter 258: MF

Chapter 259: MF

Chapter 260: MF



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136 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 258-260

  1. ArgoW

    Watch a movie,Play poker, rub one out,play bf4,play lol, take a walk, but dont forget to follow them down in the corner that way u get a email the second they uplode the chapters

  2. kingdomaddict


  3. nagatos

    go go go…
    waiting your order to deploy..

  4. blackbeard188

    Damn! I’ve got ‘I can’t wait any longer’ disease… save me Admin!!

  5. Spamming F5

    f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5….
    Keep it on

  6. mr xxx

    keep spaming f5 until my finger go numb ahhahahah i hate waiting but its ok.. take ur time u can delay 7hours we are not mad arent guys? so just take it easy mr uploader… Xd

  7. vwin

    playing Wrath of the White Witch while waiting 😀

  8. Aja


  9. Nicko

    tik tok tik tok

  10. Caroline

    Its 11pm now.. First day of class at 7. Need to wake up at 5.. But am still waiting PATIENTLY for the release..

    Just please dont say its delayedddd!! Or am really gonna cru now.. :(((

  11. SAPI

    f5 KIA.
    requesting Kingdom update for revival.

  12. blackbeard188


  13. Luis

    f5 pray f5 pray f5 pray

  14. Aja


  15. Saru

    going to die here >.<!!!!!

  16. Spamming F5

    Keep your finger on F5 key. Let that be your dying message 😛

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