Kingdom Chapters 264-266

Flow Power Skill wasn’t very effective…

Chapter 264: MF

Chapter 265: MF

Chapter 266: MF



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97 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 264-266

  1. eaterbugs

    Been long since I said thanks…!!! THANKS for the AWESOME WORK Guys!!!

  2. blackbeard188

    Qin is not going to give Qi anything in return…

    • Turnin,devourer

      Ofcourse they will, if qi is ‘neutral’ or suspected of being allied to Qin, it means that the other nations have a potential foe waiting behind them. Remember, Qin’s ambition isnt simply to stop this invasion, but to conquer all of them eventually: It is smarter to keep some friends till you run out of enemies..

  3. Seriously addicted to this series, and the speed of the translations is truly amazing. Thank you for all this work.

  4. So, on Thursday, we end vol. 25! Awesome work guys

  5. tita

    just asking,will all the realeses on sunday will be 3 chapters from now on?

  6. luqman

    Checking time

  7. Cheo_Ma

    checking time

  8. KingdomRocks!

    Thanks for the work

  9. Xhingze

    check the fking time ..
    why does every time a new release chapter ..

    the clock always so slow.

  10. josu




  12. Spamming F5

    f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5…
    hmm, maybe it still too early
    only 2 hours more
    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5…

  13. Turnin,devourer

    ♫A test….In the naaaaame of love, I cannot get enough! ♫

  14. Nagatos

    Oh… Let me in..

    I want to join f5 team.
    What should i do??

  15. brody

    f5 team assemble !!

  16. Dimitri

    two more hours,

  17. Cheo_Ma

    30 minutes to go

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