Kingdom Chapters 270-275

On to volume 26!

Chapter 270: MF

Chapter 271: MF

Chapter 272: MF

Chapter 273: MF

Chapter 274: MF

Chapter 275: MF



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131 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 270-275

  1. zzzzz

    When is G.Gen. KANKI’s turn? I really like how Bad ass he was in the previous War! tsk2x

  2. Echo

    thanks for these super awesome chapters!

  3. same old aargh

    Aaargh.. for a while it was as if my hearth just stopped… damn this is so great it is getting a bit scary…. thank you very much for this, even though you might cause my death along the road.. well at least its good death for sure…

  4. Those gigantic battles are so epic!

  5. Paolao


  6. RandomFan

    this manga SOO GOOD

  7. thanks a lot for the new chapter!!! kyaahhh!!!! it’s getting so good!!

  8. Tengz

    thank you.. im soooooooooooo excited for the chapters!!! haha

  9. Wii

    I love you guys, keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Soebandrijo

    thanks again, thanks so much guys, please keep up…
    take good care of your health guys….

  11. Kunzz

    Thx a lot for the update guys, can’t wait for next chapter… You guys are awesome…

  12. Moka

    Thank you for your work ^_^!

  13. saoulman

    どうもありがとうございます | dōmo arigatō gozaimasu [ Thanks a lot | Mercj beaucoup | Muchas gracias | Grazie tante | Muito obrigado | vielen dank

  14. pinkman

    thank you very much for ultra fast release scan
    great job!!
    i hope you can make another release i like HARA Yasuhisa sensei best friend work its SAKO Toshio, usogui. hope you consider it

    • vwin

      I second that!!! Usogui is awesome, too bad no group is scanlating it. Maybe you guys can pick it up after catching up with current kingdom release

  15. XieXie

    Thank you very much, every thursday and sunday are eagerly awaited!!

  16. cholo

    thank you guys, you guys are so fucking awesome

  17. malevo

    You guys are awesome, thank you very much for what you do, greets from Argentina!!

  18. geroprog

    Thank you! Köszönöm szépen! 🙂

  19. Copp

    Hi guys! what’s up. Thnaks for the releases epic chapters filled up with too much excitement. shin of the hi shin unit is evolving even better… I’m predicting that Huke general will die at this battle i have a feeling of that, but you never know what will happen.. Aslo there is that kanki guy quite interesting fellow… So much to say, waiting to see how things will unfold with State of Qin. I heard the releases get the volume 32 in Japan, is that true? I would like to see through some row chapter fufu,

    • Kimba


      Without a doubt Duke is going to die. It was obvious that Shin was going to adopt the Duke’s style. He was all over him the previous chapters.
      “The Duke is dead! Long Live the Duke (Shin)!”

      Possible outcome. Shin is going to kill Mangoku as both are at 88 in strength at vol 17 but now Shin should be able to whoop his ass.

      I think Houken will also fight Riboku in future chapters. He likes strong people and surprised he has not noticed Riboku’s strength yet.

      • Copp

        Yeah, that’s what popped into my head too when Duke was giving credit for Shin and his instinct been awoken.
        Mangoku is surely dead since his the one in charge of that unit attacking Duke’s rear soldiers. Shin leading that 10000 soldiers will give no escape to him, and that Mangoku is all about hatred if I recall I think that too will lead him to his end.
        Houken fighting Riboku, never thought of it. You do have a point though, that guy is some insane fellow, his only goal is to fight stong people. Due to Riboku’s character nobody noticed his strength.
        Man… this manga is really something, promising chapters to come
        reading about warring state of china’s history may give us some hints of what may appear in the future chapters

      • Kimba

        I also read a bit about the history also and realised the characters are completely wrong. ^_^ It broke away from the history a long time ago. It’s all guessing.

        It’s 32 Volumes in Manga and you can keep tab here:

        And the raws for lots of manga can be gotten from Manga-Zone:

      • Yop

        I think Riboku is strong but not on Houken´s level, so Houken is not interesed in fighting him. He is only serving him in hopes a worthy opponent appears.

        I believe the stongest character alive in the manga right now (not counting Houken of course) is Mou Bu, even stronger than Ren Pa, but that´s just my opinoin :p

      • Kimba

        I already replied but seems it got lost. No point in reading the history its differs too much.

        It is at 32 Volumes (check and you can get the raws from

        No way Mo Bu that strong. Houken already brushed him off. I am wandering about Tou, he seems like a dark horse. And now Houken seems to be a lot stronger than before. I just hope that Kyoukin isn’t the one that kills him.

        Riboku is very good at hiding his aura. If Riboku does not engage in battle, Houken won’t be able to sense his strength.

        Shin beat Rinko because Rinko got careless. He had many a chance to kill Shin. Same goes for Ouki when it came to Houken, he had plenty of chances to end it. I hope this theme does not continue.

        The interesting characters that I liked are dying. Liked Ouki, he died. Liked Rinko, he died. Starting to like the Duke so he will die. Trying to get myself to like Kyoukai so she can die. Characters I like know are Mouten, Heki and Ten.

      • Yop

        Well, it´s just my opinion, we don´t know for sure of course.

        Anyway, Souheikun says he is the stronges general right now in Qin, so he has to be stronger than Tou. Houken is still in another level of course, but for me he is the second stronger general in the manga.

        And about Riboku, well until we see him fighting we won´t know how strong he really is, but I still don´t believe that Houken isn´t able to perceive his strength. We have seen how Houken was pursuing and finding strong individuals from miles away. That´s how he met Ouki and Kyou

      • “He likes strong people and surprised he has not noticed Riboku’s strength yet” that’s impossible.Shin has already noticed riboku’s strengh the first time in the palace…so for houken it must be easiest.This is maybe same the reason why he treat riboku as though equal

    • Yop

      Yeah, i think you are right. I also believe that Riboku isn´t as strong as Houken, if he were on the same level as him, Houken would have fought him for sure. For me, Riboku is more dangerous, and can outsmart, ambush and kill Houken, but if we talk about combat skills alone Houken/Ouki are in another level.

  20. Bakuman

    time check 😛

  21. makfresh22

    Thanks again guys….chapters were awesome!!!!

  22. Copp

    Do you guys have some usual forum to discuss this manga fuhuhu

    • Kimba

      There’s a facebook page but facebook sucks. And there’s here:

      If one of them members of turnipfarmers puts a link to the forum I am sure it will become very active.

      • Copp

        Good thanks!
        facebook sucks as you said, actually I don’t like it anymore huhu
        it would be nice if there is an active forum to discuss this epic manga
        you mentioned kyoukin? who is this? those names are really difficult to remember lol. May be you meant kyoukai, she already fought him once but
        that was just a play for houken.
        Mou bu, me either I don’t think his that strong. In my opinion he doesn’t seem stronger that ousen and kanki most likely same level with little gap in strenght. strenght alone is not something a general should rely on
        thinking about hi shin unit, I think combining instinctual style of fighting with strategical way will really make the unit so difficult to deal with. Shin and Ten are a good fit.

  23. James

    Dudes you guys mind giving us a Christmas present?? release 10 chapters a week PLZ lol!! thx man

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  25. so fasstttt

    omg omg can’t wait although so fast release

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  32. Thank you for all your hard work 🙂
    I can’t imagine how much of your time that you gave to do this .__.
    So I really thank you for doing this!

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