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Kingdom Chapters 290-292

We will be going on break over Christmas until the 2nd of January 2014.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Chapter 290: MF

Chapter 291: MF

Chapter 292: MF


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Kingdom Chapters 287-289

Duke Hyou, binge drinker extraordinaire.

Also, apparently the mangaka thinks the Chu are Japanese.

Chapter 287: MF

Chapter 288: MF

Chapter 289: MF


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Kingdom Chapters 284-286

Please refrain from posting spoilers in the comments section, I don’t really have time to moderate them; far too busy playing scrolling jrpgs.

Chapter 284: MF

Chapter 285: MF

Chapter 286: MF

v2’s of chapter 280 and 283 with very minor typo fixes will be released here shortly.

Chapter 280v2: MF

Chapter 283v2: MF


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Kingdom Chapters 279-283

Another volume down!

Fun fact: The Kingdom guidebook lists Tou’s special as the Magical Faru Faru Attack.

Chapter 279: MF

Chapter 280: MF

Chapter 281: MF

Chapter 282: MF

Chapter 283: MF


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