Kingdom Chapters 279-283

Another volume down!

Fun fact: The Kingdom guidebook lists Tou’s special as the Magical Faru Faru Attack.

Chapter 279: MF

Chapter 280: MF

Chapter 281: MF

Chapter 282: MF

Chapter 283: MF


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174 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 279-283

  1. Spamming F5

    1 hour to go. F5F5F5F5F5F5

  2. Zamerine

    Thank you for your amazing work farmers !

  3. Raioroja

    Can’t wait

  4. o-o

    Ps: Don’t read comments MASSIVE spoilers.


    I have got an idea, could you guys make a clock on the page somewhere…?
    because we should not have to write timechecks.. 🙂


    Time check

  7. S.P


    ATTTENNHUTTT F5 Soldiers

  8. XieXie

    Pass 2 pm… Im getting nervous… F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5!!!

  9. Ac :)

    They may be uploading it right now 😀

  10. daymshit

    time check

  11. Victor

    cant wait! =D

  12. Rawen

    faru faru attack!!!

  13. makfresh22

    Thanks guys!!!…the chapters were amazing….appreciate all your hardwork 😀

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