Kingdom Chapters 284-286

Please refrain from posting spoilers in the comments section, I don’t really have time to moderate them; far too busy playing scrolling jrpgs.

Chapter 284: MF

Chapter 285: MF

Chapter 286: MF

v2’s of chapter 280 and 283 with very minor typo fixes will be released here shortly.

Chapter 280v2: MF

Chapter 283v2: MF



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  1. saoulman

    youhou! Thanks a lot!

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    p.s. first

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    Thanks as always 🙂

  4. awesome 🙂 thanks guys

    what playing scrolling jrpgs? Im curious 🙂

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  6. Netzach

    Thank you very, very much!

  7. sam

    was getting bored waiting and started to rewatch 12 kingdoms 😀
    ty ty worth staying up for

  8. asdf

    Just want to give Kimba a medal for trying to prevent more people falling into the spoiler trap on previous comment section. (Although too late for me personally)
    Also a warning for fellow readers to not read the comment sections. Twats like qwerty and TESTER need to be burned at a stake.

    • hibyeman

      as much as it is a spoiler though and i do have that they posted that shit, the joy of manga isnt really what happens its how it happens. like you know the main characters arent gonna die and shit (unless they actually arent the main characters and you dont know yet cause its still a short manga and all). so as much as im mad i know what i know i still want to know why and how it happens and the consequences of it and how it affects shin

      • Kimba

        There was nothing major that one couldn’t have figured out, except the new rank of Shin which no on can guess. Mind you someone mentioned the same rank before and it was a lie then.

        I am kinda of slightly angry I read the spoilers but more so in the fact there it can cause such a negative reaction in the readers. Trolls will be trolls so all you can do is stop feeding them.

      • asdf

        Well, I agree and disagree. While something really obvious like surviving the war is predictable by anyone with half a brain, there are a few intricacies where you can’t exactly predict who will die by whom before you actually start seeing the fights. Plus the way the author tells the character, some will have enough impact to disappoint you when spoiled.
        Getting spoiled that way is no fun, simply because Kingdom is my current favourite manga. Would be less bothered if I am not as fond with the manga.

  9. matsuda87

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    Yup!!! trying to read the comments section is f*cking dangerous…

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  12. This is evil! I have assignment due tomorrow you know! 😥
    JK, thank you so much for your hardwork! What a harvest :’))

  13. ShoRyuKen


    Shin gets promoted to 100 man commander. Sorry!

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    Thanks guys!!!! those were an amazing set of chapters!!! quality was amazing too!!! 😀

  17. What was the changes in the v2 versions of chapter 280 and 283

  18. daymshit

    can someone tell me if there is going to be some chapters in the holy days? coz i don’t want to keep f5ing and be nerves waiting through out the holy days…….

  19. malevo

    Thank you as always turnipfarmers!!

  20. Copp

    there it is time for another rendering for hi shin unit
    though that Mangukou guy is not a worthy oppenent for shin
    thx turnips great job as always

  21. XL

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  25. Joel

    Now this is war!
    Not like that bs in Naruto and Bleach,

    Shin will lead 200k armies and lose (by wiki)

  27. Copp

    I think the author said he chose lee shin in purpose just ’cause there are only few things about him in history so he could draw his own image for shin as a main character of KINGDOM. so things that are in Wiki aren’t actually related to this fiction shin that the author is drawing. well, I won’t say he wouldn’t bring little info from the history, but this charcter is mostly based on fiction. Hence, just forget about what exactly is in Wiki
    I would not only about shin but other charachters too.
    Let’s enjoy this epic story from the mangaka.
    I feel like there will be more chapters about this nobody Manguku

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