Kingdom Chapters 293-295

Back from holidays and back to our normal release schedule.

We’re on volume 28 now so only another 4 or 5 volumes to go until we’ve finally caught up!

Chapter 293: MF

Chapter 294: MF

Chapter 295: MF



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137 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 293-295

  1. Kanki the slayer

    F5 soldier reporting for duty sire!!

  2. Will be a bit longer. ~20 minutes. Just finished redrawing.

  3. F5 and thanks for the chapters πŸ˜€

  4. Kanki the slayer

    New orders from high command: Cease all F5 activites until 14:36 hours.

  5. i think he fell asleep

  6. Threat

    still not up 😦

  7. Shin dono

    E.T.A. 2pm gone

  8. zenla

    last straight and no one will care

  9. XieXie

    I’m getting sleepy .. Kingdamuuuuuuhh

  10. Stregone

    Ready to fire!! Hope they will be up on batoto at the same time as I find easyer to read em there :p( <— lazy me)

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