Kingdom Chapter 296-298


Also, Volume Batches and PSDs have been updated on the file server.

Chapter 296: MF

Chapter 297: MF

Chapter 298: MF



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97 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 296-298

  1. now I’m scared of boobs T_T

  2. cholo

    spoilers! spoilers! spoilers! thanks for the releases guys

  3. Converse

    i wanna ask for chapter 299 it’s so funny plz T^T faster scan Thank you 😀

    After you catch up, I think Itd be hilarious if you put the translations in this

  5. tengkorak

    time check,,boobs is scary

  6. Perdorian

    le time check

  7. kanel12

    time check

    ad thanks a lot for the releases turnip you are my kingdom lifeline

  8. Kanki the slayer

    T minus 25 minutes until F5 launch.

  9. All F5 troops, advance, starting from the left!

  10. F5 Soldier


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