Kingdom Chapters 299-300

Only 2 chapters today; the soldiers talk too much and fight too little :(.

In other news, woo 300 chapters of Kingdom!

Chapter 299: MF

Chapter 300: MF




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98 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 299-300

  1. kanel12

    cant wait anymore…

  2. Anonymous

    Time Check … fu fu fu fu ….

  3. nfu fu fu fu

    tc tc tc tc tc

  4. Li BU

    here it come !

  5. orga

    calling all F5 soldiers

  6. F5 Army Prepare for attack….

  7. drakescales

    tick tock tick tock tick tock… *shivering*

  8. F5 Soldier


  9. Ishida

    My patience is being tested……………………. I shall wait………………………………..NO LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Li BU

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!
    f5 has been slain by the enemy commander ..

  11. This is the bad side if the manga is Good..
    Everyone cant wait for the release…..

  12. Kunzz

    Where’s the updatee wooooooooooooooooooo

  13. Huan Ji

    kukuku then leave ya old geezer

  14. F5 Soldier

    Bunch of sadists D:

  15. tsunami96

    Army on the move !

  16. Kanki the slayer

    We’re dying out here!

    We need F5 reinforcements at once!

  17. F5 HORDE

    The F5 Horde is starving and demands Kingdom chapters or unborn babies

  18. bairuni

    hey guys
    where are u?
    just give us a little info about the progress

  19. Spamming F5

    1pm still not end. Keep spamming F5

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