Kingdom Chapter 301-303

Whoops, forgot to press update button on release status.

Oh well, here we are.

Chapter 301: MF

Chapter 302: MF

Chapter 303: MF



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66 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 301-303

  1. christian

    it’s time for F5!

  2. Spain as its finest

    Man, this is like a drug. Just look how nervous you are xD

  3. XieXie

    Huff Huff Huff… time check… huff huff huff time…

  4. kanel12

    TC…were is my dose…i nEED my Kingdom DOSEEEEEEEEEEEE:P

  5. Maximus

    yeah, were all going cold turkey.
    Turnip Farmers, you guys are awesome.

  6. There were supposed to be 3 chapters which were going to get released it got changed to 2 only again

    • Senadtm87

      Seems that they dont have enough free time to do 3, just like last thursday, but even with this pace we will get to 1 chapter a week in no time 🙂

    • Mrt123

      well they are not obligated to do anything, so if people insist bitching all the time there might be no releases at all, is that better to you? 🙂

  7. Asshole no 1 is asking for ur opinion

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