Kingdom Chapter 306-308

Looking for experienced cleaners for volumes 33+ as we’ll no longer be able to use digital volume raws at that point.

Also looking for a higher quality source of raws than is available on senmanga.

Have found HQ raws and am currently pretending I’m back in the year 200x downloading files off KaZaA and napster. Thanks DarkDooM for the suggestion.

Chapter 306: MF

v2 edit: Fixed typo’s

Chapter 307v2: MF

Chapter 308v2: MF



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104 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 306-308

  1. zag

    Oh! I think I went back in time.

  2. zag

    What The Hell Is Happening!? why is time moving backward ?
    I already commented ” I think I’m gonna stay in this timeline for a while” and “Oh I like this” before yet they appear in the future. Which is already a past to me.
    I’m gonna go crazy!!

  3. zag

    I think I’m gonna stay in this timeline for a while.

  4. Commander Spike of the f5 army

    2:00 pm? T_T

  5. christian

    all is good, i can wait for that 1 hr delay..

  6. Bruno

    time check 🙂

  7. Yan

    thank you very much me loves you

  8. Starbuck

    DarkDoom ?
    Jcafe to the rescue !! ^

  9. TVL

    F5 army is in the house!

  10. TVL

    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Raise your F5 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  11. phantomxsinx

    time check

  12. TVL

    Oh wait, i missed the 2pm, lol

  13. kanel12

    just got back open the pc go to turnip farmer at once to enjoy the kingdom chapters..


    the results…

  14. Kunzz

    uooooo time check check check….

  15. zenla

    we are getting close close

  16. Schwarzerhund

    F5 is going to die … XD

  17. F5 soldiers, browse your arms!

  18. Mark

    Let’s see….

  19. rajan

    chapters already up on batato

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