Kingdom Chapters 309-311

It occurred to me today that I don’t actually read this manga since most of the time I’m simply focused on working on it without actually looking at it closely. I zoomed out for the first time in a while on a double page spread I’d been redrawing and … wow, they’re pretty impressive.

Time to reread this manga myself.


Anyway here’s the interesting bit below:

Chapter 309: MF

Chapter 310: MF

Chapter 311: MF



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58 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 309-311

  1. gongitraped

    Holy shit just post the damn thing first next time

  2. kingdom lovers

    Yeah I got the first comment
    Thanks for the release

  3. HyouShin

    thank you soooo……

  4. Phuoc

    wOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT many xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. khan

    thank you for the hard work. hope these word would encourage you to continue

  6. zargin

    this is so sweet hunny
    thank yo so beri much ❤

  7. wert

    thank you for your hard work
    btw is there a way i can download all the chapters in single button or at least volume bye volume?

  8. ShoRyuKen

    Xie xie, Turnip-sifu

  9. kanel12

    i think you guys forgot to upload the last chapter on batoto..

    by the way thnx for the releases realy good to have them

  10. On ipad so can’t download and 311 is not on batoto

  11. OusenIsABadGuy

    In Batoto the chapter 311 is not released yet. Alsi, thanks for the hard work

  12. Sanjay

    That didn’t end well. Moubu didn’t even reply once. I wannnnnnnttttt next chapter. I know this is a lot selfish but please hurry up with the next chapter, can’t wait.

    Damn, these last six months have been good. Constant releases of Kingdom are helluva lot better than any other thing.
    Plus we also got Yowamushi Pedal, King Golf translation.
    And the new manhwa The Gamer is awesome too.

    Still Kingdom is the one which I look forward to the most.
    Thank you guys. 🙂 Can’t wait for the next one. Please update the next release status. 😉

  13. XL

    > /endrantthatnoonecaresabout
    I care :<
    Thanks for the new chapters.

  14. Dagot

    Just like all I have to say that will be difficult to wait until Sunday ..arghhh !
    Good jod Boyz ! Compliemti …. Forza Dategli sotto !

  15. laclongquan


  16. Thanks again…
    A fruits from hardwork, especially if you skipping CBT for kingdom under fire 2 server SEA @_@

  17. domako

    thank you guys!!!

  18. Thank you gents 🙂 !

  19. Vizardlordex

    Maybe after reading it you’ll realize why some of us worship you.

  20. Arkarius

    thanks a lot!

  21. geroprog

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  22. Lanbatal

    Muy danke amigos!

  23. Kijin

    Stellar release once again! Still can’t give enuff thanks for your efforts at scanlating a great manga!

  24. malevo

    Awesome chapters, thank you turnipfarmers!!!! also, f*ck you Kanmei!!!!

  25. Guilherme

    My grandfather has passed away today. Since that, those 3 chapters made my day better! Thank you very much turnip!

    Keep the good work guys!!! =D

  26. Spamming F5

    Can’t believe I missed release day. Thanks for the release 🙂

  27. Laurell

    da besssstt

  28. *****SPOILER ALERT*****


  29. vwin

    Moubu is quite humorous, love his comment on how he will ‘smash that crab like head’ of kanmei lol

  30. XieXie

    When you catch up to Kingdom, please scanlate this similar manga “Lord”, no one is scanlating it: Thank you for your hard work.

  31. Snowdrop

    Dear scantalators, I just want you to know that we are still reading your scantalations… Some of us are just not commenting, hence the low number of comments. Moreover, we are very thankful for what you’ve done for us. We are very much obliged. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  32. S.P

    f5 soldiers replying for duty

  33. XieXie

    The day of Moubu vs Kanmei has come hohoho!

  34. Ac :)

    So lets see what awaits us in the journey 😉

  35. makfresh22

    Thanks guys!!!….the chapters were great like always!!! 😀

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