Kingdom Chapters 312-314

Whole pages without text!? Best day ever!

Chapter 312: MF

Chapter 313: MF

Chapter 314: MF



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107 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 312-314

  1. Good thing you guys post to more than one place. Manga fox is having some SERIOUS issues with its servers. Pages missing. Forums down.

  2. Bumm420

    You guys are awesome I love this magna
    Thanks for all updates

  3. Thanks for all your hard work

  4. **Preparing Weapons for F5 Army.

  5. F5 Army ready for Attack, and wait for Orders.

  6. “Whole pages without text!? Best day ever!”

  7. Charlie

    thanks for all the hard work that you guys are putting in this awesome manga. You guys are AWESOME 🙂

  8. XieXie

    Good night, in the morning new chapters :3

  9. @ Guser it IS Ouki’s Glaive 🙂

  10. bujibujiba

    It’s a good day to abuse the f5 key.

  11. HyouShin

    6 hours left…^^

  12. f5 commando

    we attack at dawn

  13. Algarban

    Time for F5?

  14. Zag

    Watching Fate Zero while waiting for kingdom release… not a care in the world…

  15. Hazak

    another 1 hour and 15 min

  16. XieXie

    58 min left…

  17. kanel12

    the F5 soldiers reporting for duty

    less than an hour till the attack..

  18. Alan

    f5 corporal reporting in!

  19. Edelweiss

    Time check

  20. Kanki the slayer

    I love the smell of F5 in the morning

  21. Sanjay

    Wow, look at the release status. Only two chapters today. But more chapters soon 😀

  22. TVL

    5min, guess it’s time to bring up my virtual keyboard

  23. TVL

    aww… 35min then

  24. vwin

    I’m spamming this to 100 comments

  25. vwin

    and this one is 100!!!

    yeah 100 man commander

  26. Hazak

    F5 army where are you? another 12 min!Tonight we dine in F5!!!!

  27. Edelweiss

    Delayed again? Oh well.

  28. XieXie

    4 min to go… archers ready, steady!!

  29. kanki12

    so exited for the new chapters !!!!!!!! Thank you ahead for everything you guys do!!!

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