Kingdom Chapter 321

Sad post day. We will endeavor to catch up with 4 chapters on the weekend hopefully :(.

Chapter 321: MF



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110 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 321

  1. BTY

    So that’s why you release this chapter… Because of it’s a cliffhanger 😀
    But I love it…

  2. Fudgey

    Only 1 chapter this week guys, end of the world.

    No, but seriously, keep up the great work. You still outpace almost every other manga translation group.

  3. Nemarius

    I came to here to thanks a lot to you for translating this manga. I am waiting like anybody the chapters release. I wait impatiencely the next chapter, and much thaks to you.

  4. Random

    How’s working full-time going for you compared to part-time? Can you feel the world coming down on you and sense as time goes by ever slower?

  5. nokonoko

    i’ll bet only 2 chapters will be released. :p

  6. JyuVIoleGrace

    Thank you for all your hard work I appreciate the rate at which you translate these mangas so if you need a little longer I have no quarrels!

  7. Ouki Shogun

    Gratz farmers, you’re doing a great job, just keep in mind that you have thousands of fans all over the world waiting for new chapters!

    ko ko ko

  8. kanel12-100 man commander

    if you guys manage to realeso 4 chapter tommorow i swear to god i will FORCE you to open the donation and i am gonna make you rich!

  9. XieXie

    Today is the day!! ZzzZzZ


    I bet they they release two today and two on monday or tuesday.


    By the way, why there is many stupid suggestions on release date? Just enjoy the usual release date. It does not matter 1, 2 or 3 chapters.

  12. Boo

    I don’t care if it’s 1 chapter or 4, but I do hope it ends in another cliffhanger 🙂 it’s just so exciting this way!

  13. We’re currently ahead of schedule so it should be 4 today.


    4 is good number mr oshit

  15. HyouShin

    Still 3hours to go… -_-

  16. Lgb

    So it will be a happy post day today lol

  17. NrSD

    time check 😀

  18. f5 commando

    all f5 forces get in to positions attack begins in less than 2 hours

  19. Ac :)

    13:25 my time 😀

  20. zipitfast


  21. Ac :)

    so atleast one more hour to wait :p

  22. Hazak

    I really love kingdom i really do and i don’t really care if you couldn’t finish translate all 4 chapter today

  23. silpessip

    why don’t release 1/2 chapters now and the rest in few hours/days?

  24. bisaaaaaa

    gogogogo 🙂

  25. Ac :)

    time check 🙂

  26. NrSD

    time check again..

  27. killerbeeboi

    BTW, When u reach the latest chapter are u goin to start translating it as soon as it comes out or is it there goin to be a schedule?

  28. avi

    is this being done by just two guys?

  29. i hope you guys keep going with the translation because it is hard. and your perseverance is amazing .
    keeo it up guys 🙂

  30. Honbo

    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ give kingdom();

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