Kingdom Chapter 322-325

Been a while since we’ve release over 3 chapters on a single day. Not quite sure how we used to manage it. I swear to god Yasuhisa Hara’s adding more and more filler text per chapter.

There’s also a v2 of 320 on the file server (soon) for archival purposes only. nothing major really changed.

Chapter 322: MF

Chapter 323: MF

Chapter 324: MF

Chapter 325: MF



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  1. Charlie

    hell to the yeah. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  2. Ouki Shogun

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA this last chapter was insane omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hazak

    A moment of silence for duke hyou

  4. BugsyFTW

    Turnip Banzai!
    You guys are a life savior!!!

  5. Oribeth

    omg thx again for the chapter great chapters, how many chapter difference remains to cach up btw ?

    • orga

      the raws are on 376 if they stick to 5 ch a week we should catch up by the end of march

      • Oribeth

        thx a lot πŸ™‚

      • Tom

        I think your math is a little off. At their current pace of five chapters a week, they should catch up to the current chapters by April 4th. The current raw chapters are starting to get exciting because of how strong Shin is becoming and I can’t wait until we get to read the current chapters on a weekly basis.

      • Actually, by my count we should be current sometime during May.

        The math is like this:

        No. of Weeks left = (376 – 325) / (5 – 1)
        (latest chapter – current scan) / (scans per week – new chapters per week)

        = 12.75 ~= 13 weeks

        13 weeks from now would be sometime during the first half of May.

  6. the last chapter made me cry man tears, duke hyou you will be missed

  7. cuzon

    Thanks for the chapters

  8. LuBu

    Did he manage to break Houken’s arm?

  9. burken

    Wohoo ^_^ 4 chapters, hail to the Turnip!

  10. Tony


  11. Sol

    Thanks for the chapters!

    Also not sure if he did or did not break the arm though…

  12. BTY

    Press T in the address bar and you’ll get Turnip first before tweeter πŸ˜€
    Keep up the good work… I’ll be cheering for you…

  13. LittleShanks

    Awesome release, one of hell of a chapter! T.T Thanky ou!!!!

  14. Alan

    thank youuu all hail the duke


    i just realized that the first chapter turnip farmer take over is chapter 18 (“Commitment”). Thanks for your commitment

  16. Okami

    Thanks guys, great work!

  17. kanki12

    you guys are the BESTTT OH YAHHH 4 CHAPTERS!!!!! thanks a ton

  18. kazuya zen

    Thank you for 3ch…good work…!!!!!!

  19. drakescales

    Salutations! Thnks for the chapters! Awesome as ever! Sad to see hyou die though. Riboku just opened the gates of hell and Shin’s the demon that just crawl out of it.. Its getting exciting!

  20. Zarnikon

    thx a lot, you forgot to update release status I think.

  21. Fion

    Do you guys plan on doing the volume redrawn by 1,000 different people?
    You can see it here:

  22. Do you Know chinese name for Gaku Jou (Great General from Zhao) ?

  23. butako

    Thanks for the update guys!

  24. kanel


  25. XieXie

    Today is the day πŸ˜€

    • F5 commander

      The naval base of the F5 Army in Spain are sending reinforcements to the battlefield. We will be there in time.

    • kanel

      forces from south europe are comming to the battlefield with Halo’s Falcon..we will be there shortly.

      in other news i just finished marathoning Tower Of God and….dude is freaking awesome!

      • MasterJack

        Cool, the shitty art stopped me the first time, maybe I was wrong I will try it again.

      • kanel

        the art is pretty standart for a webtoon (we are not talking about manga here)but its not tiring.and o my god the characers and even more the plot and plot twists,,,omg these plot twist every few chapters are killing me!!:)

  26. F5 Army prepare for the Attack we will commence attack in 45 Mins. πŸ˜‰

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    Starting the warm up procedure.

  31. Lonely wayward soul

    T.C. ?

  32. 11 Mins to attack F5 Army grab your weapons.

  33. passerby

    This manga is extraordinaire
    Amazing work translating , Thanks for your hard work!

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