Kingdom Chapters 328-330

Celebrating the end of our first year of Scanlation!

I’ll post these first before my obligatory 1 year anniversary wall of text.

Chapter 328: MF

Chapter 329: MF

Chapter 330: MF

Looking back, it’s been an interesting experience.

When we first began scanlating, neither of us had ever touched photoshop or knew how to go about scanlating.

Here’s a few interesting things we’ve learned along the way.

1. Once you start scanlating, you notice errors in almost everything you read. You see typos, sub-par or no redraws and strange EnglishΒ in every chapter that isn’t released by a group with 40+ members . I’d be willing to bet there’s at least 1 minor typo for every 3 chapters we release. Conversely, high quality scans are scarily good to the point that I sometimes sit there staring at how well a page was cleaned.

2. Scanlation is incredibly easy. A lot of people say “I’d like to help but I don’t know how to do it”. You can pick up how to clean, redraw and typeset properly in under a week if you have a functioning brain and know what Google is. Even “advanced” techniques like using filters to clean take all of an afternoon to figure out.

3. Scanlation costs are close to nonexistent. Our running costs over the year for 317 chapters total less than $200. Anyone that tells you that they need to pay for their server or for volume raws is either getting enough traffic to support themselves already or seriously needs to reconsider why they’re spending so much. Anyone scanlating a weekly jump title should have enough hits to buy multiple copies of the magazine to use as toilet paper. Anyone buying another type of weekly magazine should probably just hire better cleaners and work off free raws.

4. Scanlators are slow. I mean, really, really slow. Being a leech for over a decade prior to scanning Kingdom, you get used to a series taking years to finish or to even catch up. Some scanlators tell you it takes 40 hours of work to finish a chapter… heh. Supergroups like Easy Going Scans and Japanzai release incredibly fast but have staff and project lists longer than this website; many of which are updated infrequently.

5. Joint projects are slow. The more people there are, the more time you spend checking and fixing stuff someone else has done. Difficulty in communication in joint projects prevents you from even getting the other group’s staff to do anything in the specific. In the end, you spend the exact same amount of time working on it.

6. Readers are incredibly generous; or at least you lot are. I have no idea how much other groups make from donations but way back when, I didn’t check my paypal for 2 weeks, then logged in and a bunch of nuts had donated $200. Though, we no longer accept donations any more for reasons that are now listed in the FAQ.

7. If you release on a regular schedule, your comments and hits section goes crazy. Someone’s even been using an auto-refresh website on our release days. I’m actually quite sure I could generate ad revenue if i migrated this site to an actual server. Too lazy and I hate ads though.

8. For some reason or another, we get a hell of a lot of comments on each release. A lot of other blog style scanlation sites average around 10. Thank you, all of you, for your comments. Even if it’s just a simple thanks, it’s very much appreciated.

To Wrap Up…

Over the past year, we’ve released 317 chapters which is rather a lot faster than we had originally planned. Our expectations going into this back at the start of 2013 were that the project would take close to 3 years to catch up so we’re rather ahead of schedule.

We’re now currently around 60 chapters behind the Japanese raws and should catch up in May at the earliest!

Looking forward to catching up and likely, many more years of Kingdom! (albeit, at a much slower release rate).



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257 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 328-330

  1. XieXie

    Tomorrow new chapters kokoko!

  2. You are Gods. I revere you.

    My tribute is but this post, given the extent of your generosity and mercy.

    The blessings of your scans are the payout.

    My wishes are that you continue to do this incredible work as it is, and that you somehow adquire and start translating the missing english chapters of Master Keaton that I simply cannot find anywhere.

  3. vwin

    you should do a 10-chapter release as celebration! *j/k*

    we love you!

  4. Hamozus

    Thanks for your time and your amazing work, really best scanlation team I ever came across.
    Btw, when you catch up the japanese release in a few months and go back to one chapter a week do you plan to beginning another scan project or enjoy the free time πŸ™‚ ?

  5. raf

    god bless you guys. this is an insane manga.

  6. congrats on one year and ty for you’r hard work

  7. Huangtime

    Thanks for the work guys, I look forward to your releases every week. Truly awesome that there are people like you guys that do this for the community at no gain to themselves other than it being its own reward πŸ™‚

  8. Asrodeia

    You guys are honestly amazing. Despite the obvious fact that, as you have said, scanlating is a slow business, you consistently released good quality scans at a fast pace.

    Thank you.

  9. thatonerift

    thank you for all the hard Work ^^

  10. blackbeard188


  11. yoshhh.. it’s gonna be shin vs riboku finally!!!

  12. Ahuinnak

    I’ve been a big fan of the series. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!!!

  13. kanki12

    happy 1 year!!!!! haha. thank you, thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU. you guys are amazing!

  14. Dave

    Even just a thank you, huh? I can manage that. You guys are awesome. Honestly, I think Easy Going Scans is a misnomer. You guys are the chillest, most easy going group out there. Your hard work is very much appreciated, as is the humility. You guys are bawses in your own right, so keep that shit up!

  15. m2smoe

    Happy one year! Once you catch up with the japanese raws, will you start on another project? If so, here are some manga that really should get releases more often because they are absolutely great:

    Vinland Saga (A really great Viking manga that has been picked up by 4chan but seems to have been forgotten)

    Capeta (This is a really awesome manga that should really get more attention. Deadbeat scans released 3 chapters last year… Nothing since April 2013)

    Ashita No Joe (Project Hox has this one, but releases are often scarce)

    Uchuu Kyodai (dropped by imangascans, supposedly picked up by Crunchyroll, haven’t seen a single release in many months now)

    Just thought I’d put it out there

    • Vinland Saga is basically up to date, it’s just released monthly, hence the long waits. Uchuu Kyoudai’s getting released, I imagine someone or other will rip it sometime.

      Hox is too cool to take ashita no joe. I have a suspicion that he and happyscans are actually releasing under 4chan and just got dmca’d or something. Need to check if the typesetting styles change between the releases though, heh.

      Capeta’s a pretty good suggestion. I always wondered how that one finished.

  16. Jet Chan

    May I say every single one of your 300+ chapter releases are awesome & we thank you for keeping up the good work! Thank you very very much!

  17. Fangorn

    Just a simple thanks, then!

  18. Spamming F5

    What the… more than 200 [STRIKE]spam[/STRIKE] comments this time? I’ve been busy lately and didn’t read what my fellow spammer been writing. Oh well, at least something to read before start spamming F5 session.

  19. F5 army

    reporting for duty….

  20. Algarban

    F5 Time check

  21. rizou

    Sirs! I want to enlist in the F5 army and fight for our kingdom!

  22. Time Checker

    Time Check

  23. I join in with the thank you; your work is absolutely awesome. Because of you I started reading most mangas at Batoto, and later on started to look at the scanlator sites directly. Well, at least yours, on thursdays and sundays πŸ˜‰

    Also, I kind of agree with the people asking you to open the donations – but with a twist. I know that doing good things and being appreciated for it and not being given anything but gratitude is motivational, and if you get a monetary gratitude instead you motivation can actually be lowered. I don’t want your motivation to lessen. But what you could do is make donations aimed at good causes, through your page; that way you will still get the gratitude towards you, and those of us with enough resources to show monetary gratitude will send money to some cause of your choice, and you might feel happy that what you are doing for fun also helps somewhere help is needed!

  24. T-C

    Lt. Colonel reporting for duty.

  25. Alan

    i just want this comment section to hit 250 comments

  26. Alan


  27. Alan


  28. Random

    Thank you for taking it out of your precious time to humble us with words of wisdom, well not exactly wisdom, but informational nonetheless.

  29. relax we love you long time! ❀
    Picked up cleaning up myself (have ps experience from college, work)

    Only problem I'm having is translation, been reading the raws til 377 now.
    However some things I just cannot read yet 😦

  30. mirak

    Happy 1 year anniversary ! Love your ethic and work. Keep it up!

  31. Garouken

    ALL HAIL THE TURNIP πŸ˜€ Keep on working hard πŸ˜€

    And thanks for your efforts and time spent πŸ˜‰

  32. thanks for your for your hardwork guys.. Keep at it.haha

  33. Interesting insights. Got me thinking about scanlating too.

  34. Rawen

    Time check. πŸ˜€

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