Kingdom Chapters 331-332

Strange coincidence, we hit one million views last post alongside breaking the all time high for comments!

Look at all those peaks on Thursdays and Sundays >.>…

1 mill hits

Also, it’s been asked a lot so I’ll just put it here.

When we catch up, we won’t be taking up any new project for a while and instead enjoy 1 chapter a week releases.

If we do decide to take up anything new, we’ll post about it or make a poll or something. Though there’d probably be 90% votes for Ryuuroden…

Chapter 331: MF

Chapter 332: MF



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443 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 331-332

  1. kingdom lovers

    still not coming?

  2. WuhuGM

    ohhh nnooooo

  3. F5 commander


  4. xatoatox

    good luck and thank you for the hard work….

  5. Kalach

    Delay the attack.. we need to regroup! Offensive to start in 30 minutes..

  6. zazo100

    The apache helicopters are preparing for attack 25 minutes till expected arrival!!!

    (remember: an apache helicopter has macine guns AND rockets)

  7. Nagatos

    Let me say thx for your work..

    Dont know how to express my joy. Seeing that today is the release day..


  8. phantomxsinx

    timecheckkk ^^

  9. timechecker

    please be 1:30

  10. Noil

    It will, it will.

  11. Alexander

    make my day if you release kingdom before i goto work i will love u! if not atleast i have something to get me through the day knowing it will be waiting for me ❤

  12. TF you guys are amazing !!!! Last 15 minnn…!!

  13. kanel12-1000 man commander

    12 min reamining and f5 army is here again and starting to attack

  14. Alan

    Corporal, reporting in

  15. XXXCC

    thanks for the scans ^_^

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