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Kingdom Chapter 352-354

Next release will likely be 3 chapters next Sunday.

Will be adding the extra bonus page below to Chapter 351 and re-releasing it as a v2 shortly.

Chapter 352: MF | Read Online

Chapter 353: MF | Read Online

Chapter 354: MF | Read Online

Chapter 351v2: MF





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Kingdom Chapters 350-351

Oh god, I remember now why we used to take longer redrawing…

Edit: I just remembered I forgot to include the credit page which we’ll just chuck into chapter 352 on Sunday.

On that note, please also welcome our new cleaners, BlaZin and Yunya! Woo, less work for me!

Chapter 350: MF | Read  Online

Chapter 351: MF  | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapters 347-349

Volume 32 down!

From here on, It’s likely we won’t always be able to stick to 5 chapters a week but we’ll give it our best shot starting with the normal 2 chapters next Thursday.

Chapter 347: MF

Chapter 348: MF

Chapter 349: MF


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Kingdom 344-346

The next release will be on Sunday the 23rd and finish off the current volume (chapters 347-349) as we’ll be spending the week prepping the next bunch of raws…

or maybe just procrastinating and playing games every day.

Chapter 344: MF

Chapter 345: MF

Chapter 346: MF


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Kingdom Chapters 342-343

Why does every other kebab give you the runs…

Chapter 342: MF

Chapter 343: MF


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Kingdom Chapters 339-341

We’ve now caught up to the latest volume in digital releases (v32)!

Hopefully v33 is released digitally before we finish this volume… otherwise we’ll move on to cleaning magazine scans.

Chapter 339: MF

Chapter 340: MF

Chapter 341: MF


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Kingdom Chapters 337-338

Words of Radiance came out! Time to… scanlate Kingdom!

Chapter 337: MF

Chapter 338: MF


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