Kingdom Chapters 333-336

The long awaited chapt- what the hell, 400+ comments!?

I should get sick more often…

Chapter 333: MF

Chapter 334: MF

Chapter 335: MF

Chapter 336: MF



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  1. Tensai

    Awesooooooome! Ty for tl’ing

  2. Tlc

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Deadlyclaw

    Thanks πŸ˜€

  4. rizou

    Lets hit 500 comments this time!

  5. Nuno

    still not at 400??
    GOGO comments

  6. Ejellix

    thankssss! please do more, more!

  7. Charlie

    Thanks farmers! glad to see you back on your feet! :). Please don’t ever get sick again :[

  8. makfresh22

    Thanks guys!! :D…chapters were amazing!!!

  9. wnovizar

    more please

  10. Bigbug

    Tx a lot guys, hope you have fully recovered

  11. You guys are amazing… am I the only one that gets to the end of the chapter and goes.. these guys need to get paid for this.. im reading yet its like a movie with voices.. thank you so much!

  12. A.V.

    Thanks for the chapters. I really appreciate your selfless scanlation of this manga and want you to know that if donations are ever needed in the future that I, and i’m sure many other readers, would help out..

  13. Dan

    SWEEET!!! Thanks guys. Glad you feel better.

  14. aer

    Thank you for the chapters πŸ™‚

    Also, I think TF will catch up with the raws on 27th July (Sunday), if the pace continues at exactly 5 chapters per week. No more and no less.

  15. slayer

    thank you so much…
    just remember that health always comes first. we will understand if you need break once in a while..

  16. Rusty McGrady

    Thanks a lot guys I’ve been waiting for these chapters with great anticipation I really appreciate all of your hard work, keep it up!

  17. DemarcesofBastok

    Please spoil us more you magnificent bastards and release one more chapter on your next release we will bow before your awesome generosity.
    Also join me on FFXI sometime within the cerberus server my avatar is Demarces I can help you get acquanted with lvling areas and beginner missions. Much thanks from a fellow gamer/animefan/manganerd.

    • We quit FFXI shortly after abyssea. Game just wasn’t the same with the level cap raises after 75.

      • DemarcesofBastok

        How true that is. I’ve been playing off and on since the release year and I still say what a great community. But me and my crew do old school style parties. Me I still stick with good old Sam/thf for strict dding. I still say 11 is better than the new revamped 14 but I play both.

  18. xatoatox

    how’d u get sick???? you overworked yourself or something???? anyways, really appreciate the hard work…

  19. Perdian the Archer

    KINGDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!
    thx guys for da hard work! keep it up!

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  21. jozze

    3 Releases on a Thursday again? That’s awesome!! πŸ˜€ Maybe you should get sick more often (just a joke, health is of course one of the most important things we have!).

  22. Moon

    Just found this series last Friday, and already I’m here waiting for more. πŸ™‚ Too bad reading is faster than creating! Thanks a lot!

  23. Spoiled alert

    crazy to reach 500++ comments ahahaha

  24. zenla

    There are additional scenes in this week s anime kingdom. Sure anime is so not gore but who can say no to new scenes.

  25. now my 400 man is show up I need to retreat ill be back in 6 better watch out hohoho!

  26. hammer

    awesome πŸ™‚ thnx for the efforts

  27. Habibi

    Thx for the chapters ^^

    and take care of yourself, we need youuuuuuu

  28. kanel-1000 man commander

    anyone went crazy with that cliffhanger at last volume?

    also i seriously hope that the big guy dont die..i likes him a lot..

    • xatoatox

      same here, i like the big guy… but hey, it’s a war, there are people who are bound to die…. maybe duke hyous remaining army will be under xins command….. also, there are 2 strong generals that xin will be fighting on his wall so more of his men will die??

  29. Thanks for the chapters πŸ™‚

  30. Ahhhhhhh

    Thx for the release!
    Ryuuroden suck!


    OPEN DONATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Soebandrijo

    well, at last….
    We are really happy that you got healthy again…

    Once again I remind you , KEEP A CLOSE WATCH OVER YOUR HEALTH…!!!!
    over, dismissed….

  33. mrPORN

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    8===D—- chrot

  34. rahim1

    What kind of account do you guys have on mediafire?

    And thanks for the chapters!

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    I love you oshit

    oh shit?

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    anyway don’t get sick again ok,.. we’ll keep comment xD

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