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97 responses to “Houken-tapult

  1. kanel12-1000 man commander

    tc….dont be late 😛

  2. xatoatox

    if you read or checked the raw as well as know some history plz keep it to yourself…. i already got spoled abt the 4 pillars 😥

  3. kanki12

    9 MINS!!!!

  4. kanel12-1000 man commander

    F5 ARMY\!


    (duke hyou style:P)

  5. F5 Army ATTTAAAAAAAAAACK with full force.

  6. kanel12-1000 man commander

    1 min..you better be one tiiiime:P

  7. Viral

    time check:)

  8. tengkorak

    prepare catapults my fellows brother

  9. Kalach

    You are now officially late! F5 army, bring in the reserves!

  10. Bruno

    You won’t get a round in this battle! (Moubu style)

  11. F5 Grunt

    Reporting for duty!

  12. F5 commander

    Ok fellas! We will use the Houken-tapult to take the releases! Notch! Aim! Loose!

  13. Fire Fist 777

    re-inforcement arrivrd

  14. Alan

    Reporting in! Attack!

  15. Do not falter my fellow soldiers keep attacking !!!

  16. am

    How u think how many blows(or chapters :D) SHin will need to kill his opponet looks like (asassin)

  17. Kami No Ryuu

    i am having a spam from getting kingdom late

  18. kanel12-1000 man commander

    this i the new weapon we will use to capture the chapters!


  19. F5 cavalry

    F5 Cavalry SUSUMUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

  20. Algarban

    F5 Attack!!

  21. Jeffrey

    crap! i don’t see that comming!! lol.. xD

    Status: Waiting…

  22. Gilbert

    late 🙂

  23. bushin

    ”his head is stuck” reminds me of that suicidal ostrich from prince of Persia…

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