Kingdom Chapters 337-338

Words of Radiance came out! Time to… scanlate Kingdom!

Chapter 337: MF

Chapter 338: MF



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157 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 337-338

  1. Kalach

    Dangit.. I just pulled the army off the fields for combat (garden work lol).. Now I gotta send’m back out for a bit! 🙂

    Waiting for more heavy combat! 🙂

  2. XieXie

    Archers keep on hold! Just 50 minutes more and the enemy will be within arrows reach!

  3. Zag

    i was supposed to sleep after reading 😦

  4. epicMac

    time check!

  5. Kjubaran

    Collonel prepare to launch attack. ETA 40 MINUTES. Catapult ready, load Hakon, fireeeee

  6. Algarban

    Ready… Steady…

  7. blasev

    I just cant wait 🙂

  8. Fire Fist 777

    re inforcement arrived.

  9. laclongquan

    Ranging volley… FIRE!

  10. I

    has the f5 attack been launched, or yet 2 come?

  11. HighonLife

    16 minutes to go…. time to start warming up the finger to press f5

  12. New recruit reporting and ready to go sir.
    Just let me at’em.

  13. Lucas

    what is “ETA” and “QC” ? xD

  14. HyouShin

    11 minutes left.. *–*

  15. we’re waiting for order .. today’s victory will be big

  16. i just keep on hitting F5.. the excitement is getting to me.. lol

  17. timechecker


  18. xidem

    4 minutes left everyone ready to fire the F5 putting at will

  19. f5er

    I F5’d for hours , I F5’d for days, I F5’d for months and years and never got an update

  20. Spamming F5

    Calm down, it not 2pm yet!

  21. phantomxsinx


  22. F5

    F5 BE MINE NAME!!!!!

  23. aaahhhh I cant take it any more, Im going now. BANZAI!!!!

  24. F5 commander


  25. stainfree

    you guys read stormlight archive too, fucking awesome

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