Kingdom Chapters 339-341

We’ve now caught up to the latest volume in digital releases (v32)!

Hopefully v33 is released digitally before we finish this volume… otherwise we’ll move on to cleaning magazine scans.

Chapter 339: MF

Chapter 340: MF

Chapter 341: MF



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164 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 339-341

  1. richard

    hey guys can u do ruler of the land after kingdom is updated?

  2. Franky

    Thanks in advance……

  3. TC

    *took a few hours off from work* its a sunny day and Kingdom is nearly here!

    F5 army what is your profession!

  4. Sexbot


  5. noko noko army reporting as reinforcements sir!

  6. zenla

    All troops on postions! ready for the chapters attack! It is 1 pm!!

  7. bisaaaaaa


  8. zazo100

    Mobile army reporting in.

    Awaiting information

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