Kingdom 344-346

The next release will be on Sunday the 23rd and finish off the current volume (chapters 347-349) as we’ll be spending the week prepping the next bunch of raws…

or maybe just procrastinating and playing games every day.

Chapter 344: MF

Chapter 345: MF

Chapter 346: MF



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252 responses to “Kingdom 344-346

  1. Waiting is kiling me hurry up TF plsssss !!!

  2. Boo

    This feels like the 7th day of the siege all over again…..

  3. duhh

    there’s another 1 hour before the promised time. spamming F5

  4. In the raw version shin gets promoted to 3000 men comander ??? Or is it 4000 ?? Who knows ??

    • bob

      How about we don’t discuss what happens in the raws? When a chapter comes out feel free to discuss it in that post but until then let’s keep the comment section spoiler free.

  5. timechecker


  6. iKingFan

    Time check haha

  7. the white beard

    23 min left

  8. Vexxo

    F5 army reporting for duty 8)

  9. qaisoon


  10. Relax, everything’s on schedule o.o.

  11. Kade

    checked, 3 units kingdom not here yet, SIR

  12. Gnama

    Where did they said that it’s 2pm?

  13. the white beard

    report shin is dead and sai has fallen !!!!

  14. the white beard

    no its 12:44
    16 min left

  15. rhys

    the waiting part is killing me..

  16. F5 army

    reporting for duty………..

  17. am

    Any reports why delay ? ( maybe they forgot 😀 😀 ) To addicted whit some game ? 😀

  18. Diaz

    What time they’ll post the new chapters ? Im dying here

  19. F5 commander

    Holy Turnip, 12 minutes to go! Soldiers, prepare for war! (Nice song of Dragonforce btw)

  20. F5 Soldier

    Report!!! Kingdom is on its way to the website!!!

  21. the white beard

    5 min !!!

  22. rodney1

    Cant Wait 😀

  23. get readddyyyyyyyyy enemys engaging

  24. Fellmz


  25. F5 commander

    C’mon boys! Draw your weapons! Our objectives are the Turnip releases! For the glory of the F5 Empire! FIRE! F5 AT WILL!

  26. the white beard

    its time

  27. allll meeennn chaaaarrrrgggggeeeeeeeeee shin is to lead de armyyyy

  28. timechecker

    now the anxiety about whether or not there will be chapters start

  29. kingblaize

    Pew pew pew pew

  30. jeemai

    F5 army reporting sir. No update yet. What about you

  31. mrd*ck


    8==D—— CHROOTT


  32. TVL

    Why isn’t the release status updated? 😮 I’m scared now 😦

  33. All Troops! Charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. F5 Soldier


  35. F5 commander

    Hold your ground! Don’t falter! We will win for sure! Fight for what you believe! FIGHT FOR THE RELEASES!!

  36. geroprog

    Attaaaack! 😀

  37. timechecker

    the kingdom gods has forsaken us

  38. sirz

    CHAARRGEEEE . . . . . go f5 go f5

  39. bravekid

    I bet he was playing video games all week, as he said that was the alternative to working on releasing more chapters :/

  40. dza

    that moment when you want to speed up time

  41. aer

    Buhahahahaha!! These comments are hilarious!
    “Commander, I broke my finger.” and its reply, I’ve never seen such comments before. …..hahahahahaha

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