Kingdom Chapters 350-351

Oh god, I remember now why we used to take longer redrawing…

Edit: I just remembered I forgot to include the credit page which we’ll just chuck into chapter 352 on Sunday.

On that note, please also welcome our new cleaners, BlaZin and Yunya! Woo, less work for me!

Chapter 350: MF | Read  Online

Chapter 351: MF  | Read Online



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209 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 350-351

  1. Be carefull, it’s Coming!

  2. Kade


  3. TVL

    1min before we struck Houken with that big fat F5 of ours!

  4. F5 commander

    TURNIP HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Charges wildly*

  5. F5 Airforce nuke samurai tank commander rocketlauncher unit

    Thankyou F5 commander, we are ready for combat… establishing a decent internet connection for siege assault on download button :3

  6. zazo100

    Their defenses are holding prepare the second wave !!!

  7. F5 broken, mayday mayday

  8. butako

    I appreciate the chapters 🙂

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