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Kingdom Chapters 374-376

Looking for a raw provider. Send us an email at if you’re able to buy and scan Young Jump weekly (we’ll pay for it) or if you have access to leaked weekly raws.

In other news, 30 hours of magic later. I have 1 mana confluence and a godsend. Life is sad.

Chapter 374: MF | Read Online

Chapter 375: MF | Read Online

Chapter 376: MF | Read Online

Further TL note on the three tribe extermination thing in Chapter 375

The Chinese wiki states that there are conflicting reports on what the three tribes are, possible interpretations are: “both parents, siblings (possibly brothers only?), and your wife”,  “your father, mother, and your wife” or “your father, children, and grandchildren (possibly only male children/grandchildren)”.

Any history buffs out there feel free to drop a line here to correct us if you know the answer and we’ll fix it in a V2 for our next release.


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Kingdom Chapter 372-373

We’ll be going back to our normal release schedule of 2 chapters on Thursday and 3 on Sunday; not every weekend is a long weekend after all. And besides, I have a magic prerelease to go to.

I was going to write up some long winded witty and expressive post about manga, anime and being a pirate but gongitraped told me to quit being a retard and hit publish.

Chapter 372: MF | _(:3 」∠)_ Online

Chapter 373: MF | _(:3 」∠)_ Online


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Kingdom Chapters 370-371

Automated timed secret surprise release.

Our release for Thursday is still scheduled as normal.

Chapter 370: MF | Read Online

Chapter 371: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapters 365-369

Happy Easter!

Now I just need to wait for it to be over so I can buy my year supply of chocolate…

Oh boy, I forgot how long doing 5 chapter releases took.

Chapter 365: MF | Read Online

Chapter 366: MF | Read Online

Chapter 367: MF | Read Online

Chapter 368: MF | Read Online

Chapter 369: MF | Read Online

Edit: Also forgot a v2 of 364 to fix a mistranslation:

Chapter 364v2: MF


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Kingdom Chapters 363-364

Well, sad days. I can’t say we didn’t see something like this coming as Kingdom is now popular enough to attract a sizable audience which means it’s now worth some significant amount of ad revenue.

First of all, addressing some concerns and views from the comments.

We will continue to scanlate Kingdom and catch up to the Japanese raws.

We will not be skipping chapters. There will be the normal 3 chapters on Sunday (365-367).

We will not be pursuing a joint with the people releasing Kingdom on Mangajoy / Mangadoom. It is likely impossible to settle as:

  • We were offered money by one of the owners of these sites back in January and March so long as we released to their websites first.
  • Scanlation is already morally grey enough without tying yourself to the wallet of an online reader that’s out to make an easy buck.
  • The pirate and hacker in me shudders at the thought of a website having “exclusive” pirated content.

To those of you that refrained from reading Mangajoys releases or will reread ours: Thank you for your dedication, I hope we can live up to your expectations and we’ll always be striving to release the highest quality chapters we can as fast as possible.

Chapter 363: MF | ポテト Online

Chapter 364: MF | ポテト Online


Oops, minor error on page 12 of Chapter 364, the left bubble in the middle panel should say hundreds of thousands, not tens of thousands, we’ll release the V2 with the next batch of chapters.


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Kingdom Chapters 360-362

On to Volume 34! The end is in sight! (somewhat?)

On a completely random and unrelated note.

So I bought a bunch of parts and made my own ODAC. Sadly, being the cheap asian that I am, i never bought the housing for it… but I now have a shoebox that puts out a really clean audio analog signal!

Chapter 360: MF | Potato Online

Chapter 361: MF | Potato Online

Chapter 362: MF| Potato Online


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Kingdom Chapters 358-359

Hopefully the start of going back to 5 chapter a week releases.

Gonna catch up to the damn Japanese releases even if it kills us. hurrrrrrgh

Chapter 358: MF | Read Online

Chapter 359: MF | Read Online

Also a v2 of Chapter 355 with some typo fixes.

Chapter 355v2: MF


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Kingdom Chapter 355-357

Early release!

The release schedule will be changing to 2 p.m. UTC due to daylight savings in this part of the world.

Next release will be 2 chapters on Thursday!

Chapter 355: MF | Read Online

Chapter 356: MF | Read Online

Chapter 357: MF | Read Online


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