Kingdom Chapters 360-362

On to Volume 34! The end is in sight! (somewhat?)

On a completely random and unrelated note.

So I bought a bunch of parts and made my own ODAC. Sadly, being the cheap asian that I am, i never bought the housing for it… but I now have a shoebox that puts out a really clean audio analog signal!

Chapter 360: MF | Potato Online

Chapter 361: MF | Potato Online

Chapter 362: MF| Potato Online



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302 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 360-362

  1. wazza

    Hw ’bout we crash the mangajoy site?

  2. Kelvin

    And did they just translate Qin kingdom as Xin? Mm, its easier to read the raws than the scanlation from mangajoy :), and there are some incomplete sentences, i guess they dont recheck their translation after they put into the bubbles.

    • Santana

      its not that they dont check but they dont know if its correct or not they just google translate it and fix the grammar

  3. /anon

    Dont be so hard on them lol (mangajoy) this is the third generation of scanlations the old norm is more or less forgotten. Kingdom chapter 373+ is also translated by another group. Just let them be no matter what you say it wont change much since there are ppl who just want to read but I have to admit I got more and more confused the more I read manjoy version so gonna wait for TS version.

    To TF: This might be selfish but please don’t be dishearted and please finish the scanlation since I find your version is way surperior compared to those other version out there

    • Someone who finally sees sense. Thank you!

      I agree, MJ’s translations are poor and I too will be sticking with TP. At the end of the day, if TP truly do this for non-profit and for fun then they will definitely continuing doing it no matter how many people decide to scanlate Kingdom themselves.

      • Santana

        not only MangaJoy is bad at translating now they friggin ruin our fun when we try to re-read from other manga site like mangapark, now we will get 2 version from chapter 365 onwards, argh they really try hard to ruin this project


    Wow, 366 is badly translated and presented ~ i cried.

  5. christian

    f5 army!! reporting!

  6. shiryu

    why is there another group scanlating kingdom ? personaly i will stick with turnip farmers scans as a fan and to show my appreciation of their work

    • You do know MJ have every right scanlate Kingdom as well? So stop whining.

      • Haha, I know but they changed the names. Hard to understand. Would have been if they took some other project since one group is already working on this.

        2 mangas is better than one.

      • I agree. If they did another manga it would have been better, but it’s quite common to see more than Scant team working on the same manga especially if its a popular one.

      • Santana

        as if they work on this because its popular, they did translate the latest chapter because they see that TF have done a great job translating all 365 chapter, and to steal all credits they rush translate the latest chapters knowing TF didnt put credits on all chapters and any watermarks on each page

        look at their work, full or watermarks showing MangaJoy, thief will always be thief.

        there are many other super popular manga out there that no groups have taken, for example. RyuuRyooden, and this one is my personal fav “Nanto Magoroku”, and many other popular series. but why did they take up Kingdom all of a sudden and they rush release many chapters?

        the answer is because they want to steal the all the glory and effort that TF made.

  7. Camel

    F5 army, get ready! We’ll atack at 2pm!!!

  8. krick

    F5 squad here, jejjejej

    though i read the chapter

  9. shars2020

    tiiiiiime check

  10. ulrich

    Maybe its time for turnip farmers to switch to other manga..

  11. XieXie

    F5 soldier is ready!! About 3 hours left to reach the enemy’s HQ 😀

  12. linx

    whats with mangajoy -.- so fast.. 366 now. XD

  13. Rhys

    why do ppl keep mentioning which chatper mangajoy released? please refrain from doing advertisement for such a cheap webpage…
    chose to enjoy quality or to enjoy speed, but dont spam this comment section with talk about pure quality releases.

    • Helios

      Poor quality man, poor.

      • kanel12-2000 man commander

        i have not read chapters 373-4-5

        but out of curiosity and because i have read the raws i went and read 376..

        goodness gracious…WTF IS THAT?

        after trying to read it and getting a massive headeache,,,i gave up halfway..why is qin named XIN???since when do we have a country name zhou?and why half the pages are not even cleaned?

        o for **** sake…dont destroy my kingdom bliss like that..

      • Rhys

        yes, right, i dont know how that oculd happen, is there some kind of autocorrecting funciton here? >-<

  14. Jimbotheking

    mangajoy has released chapter 366. Woah what speed! Turnios time has passed:/ well thanks for everything turnips! Thanks mangajoy aswell

    • darklingsinx

      Are you a fool?
      Raw chapters were avaliable to translation for months…

      It’s easy to release fist when you can jump ahead while others are working on previus chapters. -_-

    • jozze

      Where were mangajuice before, when Kingdom became abandoneware? The ones that resurrected this awesome work of art were the humble farmers, growing turnips, and it is them and only them, that my heart goes to. Keep up the great work!

    • Santana

      i can do a better job than those fker at MangaJoy, all they do is google translate and fix any strange grammar

  15. dono

    hmmm…. after this sudden attack by certain site
    looks like F5 army needs more reinforcement today
    I am at your service SIR!!!

  16. jozze

    WTH? Mangajawas decided to spam this website! Press F5 to retaliate!

  17. Camel

    F5 Soldier reporting for duty!!

  18. Turnip Farmers all the way!!!

  19. Nameless great general under the heavens

    Come on soldiers, tap that F5 vigorously or i’ll turn you into a shish kebab.

  20. Kade

    half an hour to battle… F6+Enter army reporting for duty… I am here to win this war no matter what, I AM AT YOUR SERVICE SIR, YES SIR!!!!!

  21. This is for those of you who whine like little school girls about the release speed of TP.

    It is isn’t slow at all. They release 5 chapters per week. You tell me how mangas do that? As far as I know, none. Of course you can argue that other mangas can’t do that because they are up-to-date with them, whereas Kingdom still has nearly 30 chapters to go and so we should get more than 5 chapters a week. You should understand that by the time they catch up, we’ll only get a chapter a week so enjoy it while you get 5 a week.

    Also, there are other mangas that aren’t up-to-date with their raws and their release is either irregular or just a chapter a week. I’ll give you some examples, Baby Steps has raws up to raw 294 and it’s only translated upto 208 and we only get a chapter a week. Another example is Giant Killing which has raws upto 321 and only 148 are translated and it took upto 7 months before it started getting released again and it seems as though it will only be per month. My final example is Terra Formars which has raws upto 91 and only 74 have been translated and the release for this one is irregular. The one translating it waits for each volume to come out before releasing it which takes around 3 months if he’s free.

    So, be grateful for what you’re getting especially when you’re getting this for free.

    • ShoRyuKen

      Hear, hear!

    • Kade

      I am 120% behind you… there`s another one too. “Koko Tekken-den TOUGH” is over and there is already a second manga that is the sequence and is at the 260 chapter translated… In the meantime “Koko Tekken-den TOUGH” is not at even 50% of being translated… and its a very cool and awesome fighting manga :(((((((

  22. ShoRyuKen

    This whole situation is an example of why ancient Chinese people invented the concept of the “mandate of heaven”, lol. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

  23. Spamming F5

    IMO, there no need to push for faster speed release right now. Turnip Farmers already done that while keeping quality in check for a long time. Just release at your own pace and maintain the quality. Eventually we will catch up to raw and fans will appreciate the quality even more.

    Now.. WE F5F5F5F5

  24. Anomander

    I’ve been following you guys since a long time and will still do. You’ve been doing a great job, and the MJ’s quality is nowhere near to TF’s. Never mind the halfassed competitors, we’ll stick with you. Thanks for doing such a thankless job.

  25. laclongquan

    One, download a different version (and read) is too troublesome. I will stick to Turnips to the bitter end.

    Two, there will be different in interpretation. I look forward to the differences.

    And Three, past record. Turnips has done a marvellous job so I can trust this group to finish it. Though mangajoy is fast, they are new to the Kingdom scenes. Who know how long will they last?

  26. Kingdom Fan Guy

    Turnip masters, I need my weekly dose of Kingdom please xD Thaaaaaaank you

  27. kanel12-2000 man commander

    F5 army ATTACK!

  28. XieXie

    F5F5F5!! I can see the enemy’s HQ already!! Those who desert in battle will be served fried to my hunting dogs!!

  29. dono

    sadly some of our fellow soldier has fallen to you know what
    gimme Kyoukai!!!!

  30. eastern

    i just read tranlations from another group and you know what i cant even understand the story because of difference name of character…i will stick with your scanlations and dont worry about them who try to steal your hard work all this year we will always stick with you…

  31. Kalach

    F5 army at the ready! I demand high-quality translations now to quell my thirst for Kingdom !!!!
    translate on!

  32. am

    I alredy read new scan…but still waiting yours 😀 To read one more time

  33. /anon

    hmm seems like it’s delayed?

  34. interusage

    yeah, TF’s release rate is great already, there’s no need to go any faster than this, guys have their lives to live too 😀

    as for other scan group’s Kingdom, well, they are doing it out of love for the manga too, so, just let them do what they please, variety is the internet’s trait, ain’t it. though, us TF fans still prefer downloading and commentinghere 😀

  35. salamandra


  36. hell

    reporting sir I don’t see the enemy

  37. timbuktu

    oh the joy of spamming F5
    you can’t get that anywhere but here

  38. kazukabe

    f5 f5 f5 is hire

  39. Zarnikon

    Dafuq, i see there are new chapters on mangareader, so i come to turnip to download them in nice quality and they aren’t up yet, can’t be bothered to read the other crap.

  40. Shin96

    Chapter’s should be out !

  41. megaloman


  42. LIK

    Turnips 350 – 4 Mangajoy
    Who wins?

  43. Dragon

    Turnip Farmers will prevail! F5 ARMY!!!!

  44. ShoRyuKen

    300 comments! Wow

  45. Bruno

    Youhou! Charge F5 army!

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