Kingdom Chapters 363-364

Well, sad days. I can’t say we didn’t see something like this coming as Kingdom is now popular enough to attract a sizable audience which means it’s now worth some significant amount of ad revenue.

First of all, addressing some concerns and views from the comments.

We will continue to scanlate Kingdom and catch up to the Japanese raws.

We will not be skipping chapters. There will be the normal 3 chapters on Sunday (365-367).

We will not be pursuing a joint with the people releasing Kingdom on Mangajoy / Mangadoom. It is likely impossible to settle as:

  • We were offered money by one of the owners of these sites back in January and March so long as we released to their websites first.
  • Scanlation is already morally grey enough without tying yourself to the wallet of an online reader that’s out to make an easy buck.
  • The pirate and hacker in me shudders at the thought of a website having “exclusive” pirated content.

To those of you that refrained from reading Mangajoys releases or will reread ours: Thank you for your dedication, I hope we can live up to your expectations and we’ll always be striving to release the highest quality chapters we can as fast as possible.

Chapter 363: MF | ポテト Online

Chapter 364: MF | ポテト Online


Oops, minor error on page 12 of Chapter 364, the left bubble in the middle panel should say hundreds of thousands, not tens of thousands, we’ll release the V2 with the next batch of chapters.



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    F5 unity on for duty!2 hours until we strike the enemy’s HQ!!

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    Would it be possible to post visitor statistics again? i’m curious to see how managjoy translations affected your trafic.

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    Still spaming F5 but nooo chapters… Hurry guys!! I need my fix!!!

  5. Commander Spike of the f5 Army

    GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kirsten316

    I’m extremely glad that you are continuing Kingdom. I’ve been reading your scans from when you started and the quality is always phenomenal. I plan to stick with you : ) Beautiful job as always!

  7. Spamming F5

    So quite… where all the troop?

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    Status: wating…
    Remark: Slower than expected.

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  20. kanki12

    wow, just wow. amazing, and honorable. thank you guys really much.

  21. Icarusxwing

    MJ offering you $25 a chapter? I know that you guys aren’t doing it for the money but if you open up your donations i’ll throw in $25 right now! And I’m pretty sure others will follow suit with donations in higher/lower amounts because you guys are doing a damn good job! Sound the gong and we, your followers, O’ Mighty TF will gladly support you!!

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