Kingdom Chapters 365-369

Happy Easter!

Now I just need to wait for it to be over so I can buy my year supply of chocolate…

Oh boy, I forgot how long doing 5 chapter releases took.

Chapter 365: MF | Read Online

Chapter 366: MF | Read Online

Chapter 367: MF | Read Online

Chapter 368: MF | Read Online

Chapter 369: MF | Read Online

Edit: Also forgot a v2 of 364 to fix a mistranslation:

Chapter 364v2: MF



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203 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 365-369

  1. Tendarin

    thanks for 5 chapter and while i’m happy that you guys decided to release 5 chapters i’m starting to worry you guys will simply burn out from doing too much

    • Rex

      They are almost there, raw is at liek 384/385 so in 3-4 weeks they caught up with 5 chap a week faster if they pull 7 a week XD then its easy cruising with 1 chap a week =D

  2. Dragon

    thank you. U must b working with the easter bunny because this is better than candy and jelly beans and there is no sugar rush or stomach ache involved afterwords.

  3. decwaaan

    Robert Loggia thanks you from the bottom of his heart, the force is strong with you

  4. Ambl3

    left for a 4 day weekend and came back to 7 chapters, hell yeah! almost shatted myself due to joy. And to the people who are calling other sites competition need to go back under their rock in whatever backwater village them came from.

  5. fein

    Thanks for the lovely 5 chapters release and hope TF manage to STEAL BACK most of the traffic from MJ by throwing them a rocket bomber egg for easter day! XD

    Take care as always and try NOT to burn out again, your true fans are always behind you no matter what!

  6. killerbeeboi


  7. just saw Chapter 385 RAW!!!.. I think that’s the latest one.. 16 more chapters to catch up…

  8. Metus

    That’s amazing! o.o I hope you guys aren’t overworking yourself. The chapters are really turning interesting atm. x3 I am really curious on the next chapter now. xD

  9. revkah

    thank you, for all your hardwork guys, we are rooting for you, you guys are amazing!

  10. geroprog

    Happy Easter for everyone, and thank you for the hard work! 🙂

  11. Darklord

    So its: Thursday24th april 370-371. Sunday 27th April 372-374. Thursday 1st May. 375-376. Sunday 3rd May 377-379. Thursday 7th May 380-381. Sunday 10th May 382-384. Thursday 14th May 385-386. Sunday 17th May 387-389( well catch up on this week)

  12. Thanks a lot for all the awesome releases.
    If you got time, can you please upload the volume batches too in DDL section?
    So far only have up to volume 31 in there.

  13. lg

    been reading your scans for a while.. thanks for all the releases 🙂

  14. Great work Turnip Farmers. Happy Easter and great work!

  15. arzach

    hmm is mangajoy not releasing anything today?? are they actually giving up competing with turnip LMFAO thats sad considering i actually dont really mind reading their scans…. although i do think that they were being assholes

    • X

      369 and 370

      Don’t forget guys you can read 373 -379 on mangabird
      ( translated a lot time ago by guys from mangafox fans )

      :- )

      • Maximus

        The Joy Fags are back with 270. Ohh and thanks X for showing me mangabird. It has good raws 🙂

      • Maximus

        My bad their chinese not raws right? -,-
        It doesn’t look like japanese.

      • fein

        yup, the raws in mangabird are chinese which was translated from japanese raw, not the original japanese raw itself.
        (after taking a peek on chapter 380-385)

        and not lying but…the chinese translation is pretty good in fact… O.ol’l

  16. Masakorei

    Thanks a lot!

  17. tanz

    This didn’t seem to have more comments as it should have so have another comment as a token of appreciation.

  18. Dhienisson

    Muito Obrigado!

  19. Lugh

    thanks guys. Great work as always

  20. xatoatox

    awesome 5 chapters guy and thank you 🙂

  21. rewanz

    no matter who put out the chapters first…i still wait for turnip scans…simply the best…u guys are awesome..thanks

  22. nugget

    Thanks for the chapters!!

  23. Botha

    tnx for the chapters :))

  24. Mina

    YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! I’d be happy to buy your year’s supply of chocolate at any time. 😀

  25. domako

    thank you!!

  26. thank you, Mr.Farmers 😀
    Don’t forget to keep your health!

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