Kingdom Chapters 370-371

Automated timed secret surprise release.

Our release for Thursday is still scheduled as normal.

Chapter 370: MF | Read Online

Chapter 371: MF | Read Online



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169 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 370-371

  1. riskfreerisk

    You guys really are awesome :O

  2. kurogane222

    you rocks ! =D

  3. F5 Army Supplier

    You don’t really need to post so much, if the reason is not to stay behind those retards from Mangajoy, I saw those Translations from Mangajoy and they are awfull, I doubt they have any followers.
    Nobody should see so many Kingdom misstranslations in 1 chapter.

  4. Viral

    You guys really are awesome!!!
    this is your fight vs mangajoy? \o/

  5. OMG is this real ?!?!?!
    Well now you see me always coming here before the schedule 😀
    Thanks again…

  6. geroprog

    Thank you very much for the hard work guys! 🙂

  7. Just got for
    From another to another sigh…

  8. Elkaribou

    you should really Stop stating the day of your release , since anyway your chapters are taken by multiples websites as soon as you release them. Mangajoy Skipes Chapters to catch up to your releases , just leave them in the dark and go on , keep up the good work.

    • The point of release days is to:
      Encourage us to actually work to deadlines
      Provide a concrete answer to the question of when the next release is
      Provide transparency. What’s written up there is “What you see is more or less what you get”.

      When we catch up to the raws, The release status widget will probably be removed until we can figure out exactly how fast we can get chapters out.

  9. shinji

    New release by mangajoy.and like always,the quality sucks.

  10. LittleShanks

    Thank you!

  11. Russel

    I’m really glad to see the extra chapters, but think about your health.

  12. riskfreerisk

    chapter 384 is as far as kingdom has been published right? saw it on sen manga or whatever it’s called. So close, almost caught up, only a couple to go. ^^

    • XieXie

      385 is the latest, on senmanga they put it a couple of days late always. And in two days 386 gonna be out, but TF is almost there x]

  13. inspiredKreatif

    good surprises are the best..!! thanks for your great work as always..

  14. Thanks alot for the release, your translations are way above the others in quality. I also think mangajoy kinda helped a bit to speed up, not becouse you are trying to catch them but becouse not everything about their translation is wrong, that saves some time(at least used to when i translated animes). Soon kingdom will catch up and i’m really looking after a new manga by you guys(there are many good ones still unfinished or dropped)
    Thanks for all the work so far!

  15. you rock , best farmers ever , i needed that 🙂

  16. Kevin

    The other team released the 2 next chapters already but it’s really shitty quality, with no checking and no cleaning. Those guys really sucks.

  17. Red Hare Kaizoku

    Supeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr awesome!!!,!!

  18. David

    Thanks, your quality is a million times better than the other scanslator. I’d rather wait for you guys to release Kingdom.

  19. Tom

    Thanks for your releases, I can always count on the quality of your translations. I still read the other guys because I’ve been looking at the raws for so long that I’ll take any translation readily available and then read them again when yours is released. Keep up the great work.

  20. Dragon

    WOW! Thank you very much for the chapters 😀

  21. matlab

    A welcome surprise!;)

  22. those fags posted 372-373 already u guys should fuck em up something decent

  23. Hello, I am Brazilian scanlator Kyodai Scans and I wonder whether they will continue to put the PSD files to download. Many thanks for Kingdom!

  24. dick

    dont forget 373-378 are available in mangabird guys

    • kanki12

      you have the perfect name for that comment.

      op: oooooo wowwowowoowoowww, what a wonderful surprise. thankkyouuuuuuu TF

  25. solder 1: reporting the enemy is in our last line of defense.
    solder 2: new report general 373 and 374 has been slay!

  26. bleep bloop

    Not sure how this translating things works, but I found Kingdom translated into Chinese with cleaned pages, if it might help.

  27. F5 Airforce nuke samurai tank commander rocketlauncher unit


  28. makfresh22

    You guys are amazing!!!…Thanks Turnip!!! 😀

  29. Razzmatazz

    NATO reports: F4 army troops sighted on the borders

  30. Algarban

    Im waiting for the new release, really hard not to read the other sites so tempting… Still you were the first so ill wait
    F5 is burning!

  31. interusage1

    Thanks TFs!

  32. christian

    never read the newer one. F5 badly now 🙂

  33. matsuda87

    we must start attack from now in case some madafaqing surprise early release


  34. I´m sad we´re reaching the released manga, it will be a harsh world with 1 chapter a week…

  35. ShoRyuKen

    Thyme Czech

  36. cra

    I’ve got to admit that I read mangajoy scans because, well, i want to know what’s going to happen. But:
    1- I don’t get it from their website, so they don’t benefit from it
    2- their work is quite… well, low-cost work

    So take your time, we’ll read you, whatever the time you upload your scans

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