Kingdom Chapter 372-373

We’ll be going back to our normal release schedule of 2 chapters on Thursday and 3 on Sunday; not every weekend is a long weekend after all. And besides, I have a magic prerelease to go to.

I was going to write up some long winded witty and expressive post about manga, anime and being a pirate but gongitraped told me to quit being a retard and hit publish.

Chapter 372: MF | _(:3 」∠)_ Online

Chapter 373: MF | _(:3 」∠)_ Online



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177 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 372-373

  1. time check private

    F5 F5 Go Go!
    Now, something completely different:

  2. Bruno

    Fo fo fo! Ku ku ku


  4. Rawen

    I hope you are writing something witty this time. I like to laugh a bit while i wait for dl to finish. 😀

  5. zenla

    Keep on fighting f5 killers

  6. Mojrim


  7. if the kingdom cancel to this day, i smash my keyboard to piece!. anyway this keyboard is old & need to replace it immediately.

  8. MrAwe

    what will come yohohohoho…
    on other site got up to 378….
    maybe will get suprise chapter till 380…

  9. facts

    the quality of TF work is second to none

  10. facts

    ive read to 378 but when i read tf subs it makes more since

  11. Vosska

    eta: 3pm, soooo 40 mins ago? >.>

  12. MrAwe

    yeeahh… QCing already…
    f5 army.. move on….

  13. Meercac

    April 27, 2014 at 2:38 pm
    eta: 3pm, soooo 40 mins ago? >.>

    Keep on fighting. F5 (Note the time posted on your message)

  14. I

    tf=transformation… soo mb you wrote all troops change on purpose 😛

  15. kanel12-2000 man commander

    F5 is still here and fighting!we are calling backup from tha F4+Enter army!


  16. Vosska

    welp i fail. ty army boyos!

  17. ShoRyuKen

    Sometimes I wonder what if everyone in warring states China devoted their resources and energy to science and art and diplomacy instead of feeding and arming and slaughtering 500,000 man armies…but then I realize the manga would be boring, so I guess it worked out in the end

    • Camoes

      well in a way you could say that this turns out to be true in the end, if you do some research gonna find out that it occured great jumps in tecnology when in periods of war…

    • OOOOYEAfeelthefunk

      It’s during times of war that humans advance the most

  18. T-C

    what timie is it summer time.

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