Kingdom Chapters 374-376

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Chapter 374: MF | Read Online

Chapter 375: MF | Read Online

Chapter 376: MF | Read Online

Further TL note on the three tribe extermination thing in Chapter 375

The Chinese wiki states that there are conflicting reports on what the three tribes are, possible interpretations are: “both parents, siblings (possibly brothers only?), and your wife”,  “your father, mother, and your wife” or “your father, children, and grandchildren (possibly only male children/grandchildren)”.

Any history buffs out there feel free to drop a line here to correct us if you know the answer and we’ll fix it in a V2 for our next release.



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  1. Shax

    Well I’m not a history buff but I can do research. finding the wiki to be lacking I found a much better resource. A book titled “Remnants of Han Law” available at Google books has an entire section about the extermination of relatives as a form of punishment.

    It spends 5-6 pages analyzing historical references and instances of three clan extermination. one of the big questions it deals with is exactly the question you have asked.
    page 112. I hope the link works but it’s not hard to find on google.
    It’s a short read and should go a long ways towards clarifying the matter. hope it helps.

  2. makfresh22

    Thanks turnip…chapters were amazing!!!!…..*Ps: Love Kyoukia’s new look *smug* and Shin with a glaive -> *beast!!!!*

  3. Masakorei

    Great work again 🙂

  4. xatoatox

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  5. algarban

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  6. Boo

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  7. MangaWiz

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  8. Boo

    Oh and I am not a history buff, but the correct terminology is 3 generations not 3 tribes. In ancient times, 3 generations usually entailed your entire lineage being wiped out because rarely does anyone live to see their great grandchildren back then especially peasant families which lack hygienic living conditions and proper nutrition.

    Like for example, 3 generation would mean you, your parents, and your children. And if you didn’t have children, it would mean you, your parents, your grandparents. Hope that helps.

    • No. It would be your father’s family, your family, your mother’s family. A family here included the father, the wives, and the children. Note that wives also included step wife and 2nd wife and so on,

      That was why whenever a 3 generation execution took place, there were hundreds to thousands people killed, and the whole lineage was wiped out of history. It was a very, very brutal and dreadful punishment only reserved for traitors and royal murderers.

  9. eaterbugs

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  10. jozze

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  11. Louwe Jucar

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  12. xandy

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  13. Oddwaffle

    3 tribe extermination generally refers to the execution of 3 families (family name): the father, mother and spouse (husband or wife). The family of the father – everyone carrying the surname of the father, the family of the mother – everyone carrying the mother’s maiden surname and everyone carrying the surname of the spouse (wife’s maiden name or husband if he was married into the family).

    If the family has additional wives and husbands (e.g. polygamy) then everyone in those clans (surnames) will also be killed. If the husband and/or father married 2nd/3rd/4th…etc wives then all of the wives families will be executed.

    In the case of widowed (e.g. father remarried a 2nd/3rd/4th wife after previous wife died), the family will also be executed regardless.

    The extreme punishment can result in a death of an entire nation (before the rise of Qin, nations were more or less city-states consisting of 1 big family) or several villages.

    I’m not too sure about servants and slaves as several old families took in servants/slaves and count them as their own family (soldiers or man-power). They weren’t exactly family members as they may or may not carry the same surname.

    • Oddwaffle

      Follow up, there is also another extreme punishment during the Qin period called the execution of 9 clans/tribes. This refers to the execution of 9 generations within the husband family (or wife if the husband is married into the family); 4 generations of parents (father, grant father, great grand father and great great grand father), 4 generations of offspring (kids, grand kids…etc) and the guilty person him/herself.

    • Oddwaffle

      This extreme measure is usually reserve for rebellion or treason. In the olden days of Qin (and other dynasties), you started a rebellion by talking to your family then ask them to ask their relatives and pretty much everyone in your clans and their clans need to be in the loop for a rebellion. Every soldiers, officers and generals would be somehow related to you.

      This was probably how dynasties and nations during the Spring/Autumn period were formed. If a single member of an old royal family wished to revive their dead nation, they would start a rebellion. Most of the dynasty after Qin could trace their linage back to some ancient dynasty.

  14. X

    3 generations:
    Parents, Siblings, Childrens

  15. Carmelo

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