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Kingdom Chapter 389

Amazing how much free time you have scanlating one chapter a week… and how much of that free time you spend procrastinating.

v2 edit: Added a bunch of pixels that are meant to be birds (sadly, actually relevant).

Chapter 389v2: MF | Read Online | Bananas


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Kingdom Chapter 388

Might need more than one hand soon to count the number of single chapter releases we’ve done o.o

Also, looks like we’ll be releasing either Saturday or Sunday from now on depending on whether raws on share are released on Friday or Saturday.

Chapter 388: MF | Read Online



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Kingdom Chapter 386-387

Probably the last multiple chapter release since we’ve pretty much caught up with the raws.

We’ll be releasing chapters from share raws unless we find a fast enough source that hasn’t been mangled. I think these tend to come out around Friday or Saturday and we’ll be releasing them as soon as we spot them on share.

Chapter 386: MF | Read Online

Chapter 387: MF | Read Online

Also, since a lot of people always ask in the comments, From the FAQ:

We won’t be considering scanlating another manga for a very long time. We will only be releasing Kingdom weekly while we pursue other projects in life.

Kingdom has taken up a far larger amount of time in the week than we first planned or allocated for it and we have a large backlog of projects unrelated to manga that were put on hold to allow us to push out 35 volumes over the course of a 1 and a 1/4 years.


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Kingdom Chapter 385

Time to sleep before 1 a.m. for once.

Chapter 385: MF


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Kingdom Chapter 383-384

So apparently, due to our awesome (lack of) planning, we hit the end of the share raws we were using since raws on share are slightly behind the magazine scans available online.

A few things.

  • We are still looking for and are willing to pay a raw provider to scan Weekly Young Jump for us.
  • If you can scan Weekly Young Jump or know someone who can, please contact us at
  • We know about senmanga and the Chinese scanlation groups scans.

Technically, while the Chinese group releases before Japanese raws even hit the internet, we would prefer not to use them due to the image quality.

This means that unless we get a raw provider ourselves, we will always be slightly behind the Chinese raws that are available online.

Going forward, it’s likely we’ll be forced to use the same magazine raws senmanga uploads (and compresses thereby reducing image size and quality) for lack of a better alternative.

The current chapter in Japan is 387. Not quite sure how much additional time cleaning from complete scratch will take but we’ll get at least 2 chapters done this week and hopefully the full 3.

Edit: Added v2’s with typo fixes.

Chapter 383v2: MF

Chapter 384v2: MF


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Kingdom Chapters 381-382

Close your eyes, kids, Hara’s finally giving us another reason why Kingdom’s in a seinen magazine?

Chapter 381: MF | Read Online

Chapter 382: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapters 379-380

~One week to go… Almost there!

Chapter 379: MF | Read Online

Chapter 380: MF | Read Online

Also, here’s a v2 of 378 with some !’s we accidentally removed.

Chapter 378v2: MF


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Kingdom Chapter 377-378

Only one chapter today. Lack of sleep and time :(.

Will be releasing an extra chapter on Saturday or Sunday instead.

Chapter 377: MF | Read Online

Added Chapter 378. Probably only 2 chapters tomorrow due to work.

Chapter 378: MF | Read Online


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