Kingdom Chapters 379-380

~One week to go… Almost there!

Chapter 379: MF | Read Online

Chapter 380: MF | Read Online

Also, here’s a v2 of 378 with some !’s we accidentally removed.

Chapter 378v2: MF



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83 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 379-380

  1. Zarnikon

    thx a lot

  2. Ambl3

    awesome as usual

  3. username

    What about 386 and 387, its 1 more week after this week 🙂
    Anyway great job, yours translations are best

    • Spamming F5

      386 and 387 will be on 15th May.
      And chapter 388, 389 and 340 should be on 18th.
      But first, we need a time machine 😛

      • Zarnikon

        He’s referring to the fact that it’s 1 more week before they catch up to raw since by next week chapter 387 will be released too.
        And so no, we won’t be having 388, 389 and 340 on the 18th. Since the raw for 388 is getting released around 13th may, 389 raw 20th may and 340 raw 27th may.
        After 15th may we’ll only be getting 1 chapter a week

  4. Bruno

    Thanks !!! 🙂

  5. Red Hare Kaizoku

    Thanks guys! The other scanners are really crap…I feel like reading their version is like taking a crap in the bushes; I can’t control it, and it makes me feel dirty after finishing.

  6. MangaWiz

    Nice chapters! Awesome, thanks guys .

  7. Viral

    time check h-6

  8. christian

    reporting. less than 3hrs now

  9. Algarban

    Time check!!

  10. Gnama

    Thanks for the chapters, keep going we follow you.

  11. Just another kingdom reader

    T-t-time check 🙂

  12. Spamming F5

    ETA 3 p.m. UTC / GMT
    Ok troops. Just standby for now.

  13. jozze

    Oh … it has been postoned. No problem … time to play Stonesoup DungeonCrawl! 😀

  14. I want to say I appreciate you supplying these details, you are doing a
    fantastic job with the website…

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