Kingdom Chapters 381-382

Close your eyes, kids, Hara’s finally giving us another reason why Kingdom’s in a seinen magazine?

Chapter 381: MF | Read Online

Chapter 382: MF | Read Online



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74 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 381-382

  1. Guser

    Thank you, for your work!!

  2. Viral

    you guys tranlate japanese raws right?raws of chapter 385 on the web last week
    for 386 and 387 chinese raws are out but…not japanese

  3. s

    Hi turnipfarmers jus read kingdom 386 n 387 was wondering y u havent translated them yet mangabird already have them but i dont tryst the translator

    • nilvithy

      If you even check the mangabird releases there are poor quality in terms of translation edited and check. The English translation does not make sense. That’s why I stay and wait for turnipfarmers to showcase kingdom as the quality is the best.

  4. ColaCuerno

    thank you for your hard work! Good luck with your future projects 😀

  5. Rosewin

    (>.<) Eyes closing Captain!

  6. Robert

    !!!! let us wait.

  7. XieXie

    Football sunday and Kingdom plus Game Of Thrones in the night… hehehe

  8. XieXie

    55 minutes left…

  9. Onilateur

    Looking forward to the next release.

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