Kingdom Chapter 383-384

So apparently, due to our awesome (lack of) planning, we hit the end of the share raws we were using since raws on share are slightly behind the magazine scans available online.

A few things.

  • We are still looking for and are willing to pay a raw provider to scan Weekly Young Jump for us.
  • If you can scan Weekly Young Jump or know someone who can, please contact us at
  • We know about senmanga and the Chinese scanlation groups scans.

Technically, while the Chinese group releases before Japanese raws even hit the internet, we would prefer not to use them due to the image quality.

This means that unless we get a raw provider ourselves, we will always be slightly behind the Chinese raws that are available online.

Going forward, it’s likely we’ll be forced to use the same magazine raws senmanga uploads (and compresses thereby reducing image size and quality) for lack of a better alternative.

The current chapter in Japan is 387. Not quite sure how much additional time cleaning from complete scratch will take but we’ll get at least 2 chapters done this week and hopefully the full 3.

Edit: Added v2’s with typo fixes.

Chapter 383v2: MF

Chapter 384v2: MF



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81 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 383-384

  1. Zarnikon

    I’m gonna assume you guys speak chinese since translating from chinese raws is an option. Have you maybe considered to contact 1 of the big chinese scanlators thats doing the Kingdom scanlations and see if you could get your hands on their raws? You might be able to make a deal with them?

  2. when u re done with kingdom, would u like to scanlate Prison School manga? the story is so amazing!

  3. Dragon

    I can’t help much but, I wish you the best of luck.

  4. you guys are so freaking awesome…. honestly if I could get the Raws I would…BTW, next manga should definitely be Tough. SpinyBack are a bunch of money-grubbing jackasses and they’ve got a stranglehold on this awesome manga…

  5. Bumm420

    You should scanlate sket dance it only needs around 30 chapters to finish and I really want to read the ending if you can’t I understand

  6. Gawain

    You guys are awesome!
    I have a Japanese housemate, I’ll ask whether he knows somebody who can get their hands on the raws, don’t know if it will work out tough, his English is terrible, so chances are he wont even understand me.

  7. X

    En Aye Ve

    FAQ >>
    Questions on Scanlation
    Q. Do you plan on taking up another project? Are you accepting any suggestions?

    The short answer for now is no.

    We won’t be considering scanlating another manga for a very long time. We will only be releasing Kingdom weekly while we pursue other projects in life.

    Kingdom has taken up a far larger amount of time in the week than we first planned or allocated for it and we have a large backlog of projects unrelated to manga that were put on hold to allow us to push out 35 volumes over the course of a 1 and a 1/4 years.

  8. Gordon_Br

    Just wanted to let you know how amazing your releases are. I appreciate your excellent work, and look forward to following your futures translations. It is great that you share progress with us as well and give estimates of future releases. Not many do that. Thanks again!

  9. hammer

    I wish i could help with Young Jump but dont have it 😦

  10. Jeffrey

    i was toooootally waiting for 185. BTW thanks for the release though. turnip farmer is the best. 🙂

    PS: a week without checking kingdom is sure refreshing! other site temps me to read there translated scans. but i wanna read kingdom scans only on TF. xD

  11. XuSheng

    Thank you for your hardwork

  12. Take your time.
    From chapter 380 to 387, I couldn’t wait for it and read it at mangabird but now I am happy I can read chapter 388 in high quality from Turnip Farmers 😀

  13. F5 Airforce nuke samurai tank commander rocketlauncher unit

    no chapter 385? or is it for sunday?

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