Kingdom Chapter 386-387

Probably the last multiple chapter release since we’ve pretty much caught up with the raws.

We’ll be releasing chapters from share raws unless we find a fast enough source that hasn’t been mangled. I think these tend to come out around Friday or Saturday and we’ll be releasing them as soon as we spot them on share.

Chapter 386: MF | Read Online

Chapter 387: MF | Read Online

Also, since a lot of people always ask in the comments, From the FAQ:

We won’t be considering scanlating another manga for a very long time. We will only be releasing Kingdom weekly while we pursue other projects in life.

Kingdom has taken up a far larger amount of time in the week than we first planned or allocated for it and we have a large backlog of projects unrelated to manga that were put on hold to allow us to push out 35 volumes over the course of a 1 and a 1/4 years.



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112 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 386-387

  1. Alan

    thanks and congrats for reaching the goal! its been a hell of a ride till now guys!!

  2. Nanda Sakti

    thank you for all your hardwork guys, thank you for one of the best scanlation thati’ve ever had. hope that you’ll be able to do the same to those works that being held up while you scanlating kingdom.

  3. Random

    Bittersweet day

  4. Red Hare Kaizoku

    Thanks guys…can’t believe the day has come

  5. Mark Bryan Bisnar

    thank you for the hard work!

  6. zazo100

    Thank you for you’re hard work and hopefully you can keep scanlating the manga until we see China under one king

  7. Taqi Mahfoudh

    On what day does the chapter come out in japan? coz I can see ch.388 is already out!

    • Viral

      thursday, chinese raw out around friday afternoon(fast translation on mangabird the saturday) and japanese…next monday?

  8. laclongquan

    Barely catch up, Yo~

  9. S

    Thank you for everything! Awesome run can’t thank you enough. Great work guys you are the best!!

  10. kazuya zen

    thank you oshit



  12. Thank u very much for this 1 and 1/4 year 🙂
    u’re the Best Scanlator under The Heaven (y)

  13. Kevin

    go to 388 out already with english subs

  14. Thanks for your hard work all these months. Thanks for taking up the job of translating even if the manga author doesn’t get a penny of these (lol sorry). But really thanks. Hope you keep up the great work and quality that distinguish you guys.

  15. John

    Thank you very much for all your hard work. Kingdom is one of my favourite manga of all time and I got to enjoy it all thanks to you. Appreciate the efforts and good luck on all your future endeavours.

  16. Algarban

    Thank you very much TF!!! Great thanks for all the time work.

  17. masq

    Thank u guys ur greatest

  18. Louwe Jucar

    thanks TF for the hardwork and your time guys~

  19. Mist Diz

    Thanks for all of your hard work you guys!! I wish other translators could be not just as diligent but as honest and sincere to their readers just as you guys are! Also you guys aren’t greedy for money which really shows me you translate for the sake of translating and not for cash! I understand you have other things to work on but I can’t wait till you start translating a new story! Pick a good one when that time comes!! 😀 Thanks again!

  20. Okami

    Thanks guys, you’re the best!

  21. Moubu

    It was a long journey. Wasnt it father

    • kanki12

      LOOOOOL ohhh shiiiaaaaaaaaaaaat. i loved that part!!!!

      thankkkkkyouuuuuuuuu TF for everything. you guys are the best. Looking forward(not really, haha) to friday/saturdays for future releases. WE MADE IT AT LASTTTT FELLOW KINGDOM READERS.

    • The Great

      One of my favorite scenes in Kingdom. Just a few panels of flashbacks and a simple sentence. Yet it reaches you deep down.

      Just of the reasons why I love this manga. And seriously thank you TF for allowing me to get to know and enjoy the world of kingdom.

    • Boo

      It was a long journey, wasn’t it farmers.


  22. Lanbatal

    Thanks guys for the great work. Best of luck for those backlogged projects you mentioned.

  23. Jeffrey

    thank you very much turnip farmers!

  24. bot10

    You guys did an amazing job, good luck in your pursuit of other projects.

  25. adib

    Amazing job guys.. i agree with your decision only to do focusing on one manga only, your job is collectible,

  26. MangaWiz

    Thanks a bunch!! Gl on current life ventures!

  27. Ironwolf

    I rarely commend but you left me no choice : ) Thank you for the great work you did!

  28. Thanks for kingdom translate

  29. caprinus

    “35 volumes over the course of a 1 and a 1/4 years”

    Unbelivable commitment. Would have never dared to hope that we would see this day (I have personally never seen such an ambitious project seen through with such dedication, without slowing releases or letting go halfway… particularly something that, at least in the beginning when you picked it up, was certainly not at the top in terms of popularity, and had a much smaller online public than now… truly a labor of love).

  30. milky

    I was wondering. do you plan on catching up with release or staying on week behind?

    • We’ll likely stay a week behind unless we magically get a raw provider somehow.

      I’m sure a lot of readers want us to keep current with the magazine or use the Chinese scans and release ~5 days earlier.

      My personal thoughts on this are pretty much:
      1) I’d rather release higher quality images
      2) A delay of one week isn’t really a big deal in the long run.
      3) I’d like to think that if any other serious group took up scanlating Kingdom and released chapters of a high enough quality that made us redundant, they’d at least source their own raws.

      • milky

        Thanks for the reply.

        Yes i Was just wondering about that. And quality and intelligent translations are worth the week wait. Some of the stuff being released by other people right now honestly makes me laugh out loud while reading it and it’s not because the author is making a joke.

  31. F5 Airforce nuke samurai tank commander rocketlauncher unit

    I bow to the masters of scanlation

  32. mortypk

    thanks for your great work! please tell me what is your next project?

    • X

      Read carefully what is written on the top.
      “Also, since a lot of people always ask in the comments, From the FAQ: “

  33. eaterbugs

    Thanks for all the hard work! 🙂

  34. tsunami96

    Thank you guys ! You were like giving everything you got for us. Giving us 5 chapter per weeks , making it 6, and sometimes giving us suprises.


  35. Robert

    loving you guys

  36. F5 Airforce nuke samurai tank commander rocketlauncher unit


  37. Camel

    Time checking

  38. SKhan

    Hey TF
    Your translations are the best
    I heard you are looking for raws of the new kingdom chapters in japanese
    Inmetselt Cannon help you, unfortunately, but mangabird also displays the raws, and they look japanese (i think) maybe you ca. nurse those

    Hope it helps

  39. ShoRyuKen

    BANZI– where is everybody?

  40. Love

    Thank you everyone at Turnip Farmers for your hard work!

  41. dutiona

    Thank you guys. It’s an amazing work. Congratulation for catching up 😉 .

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