Kingdom Chapter 388

Might need more than one hand soon to count the number of single chapter releases we’ve done o.o

Also, looks like we’ll be releasing either Saturday or Sunday from now on depending on whether raws on share are released on Friday or Saturday.

Chapter 388: MF | Read Online




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60 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 388

  1. Ouki

    thank you turnip farmers

  2. XieXie

    Thank you very much guys! 🙂

  3. jeemai

    nobody expect this

  4. zenla

    We shall be there when the new release be upon us.

  5. Tim

    Congratulations… And thank you ! Keep it on 😀

    I hope you’ll find a raw provider some day.

  6. hurky

    Yohoho? Is that a joke? I’m not getting it.

  7. zazo100

    thanx 🙂 And I like the Ouhon battle, not sure how it is going to unfold

  8. ShoRyuKen

    I’ve been so spoiled by multiple releases that now I’m scared to read a single issue for fear of one of Hara-sensei’s damn cliffhangers..

  9. Boo

    Hurray for Turnip Farmers! Wonder if Kan Jou will survive this fight against gatling cannon Shihaku?

  10. Spamming F5

    Thanks for the release 🙂

  11. hibyeman

    thanks guys! sucks to be at 1 chap a week D:

  12. Fudgey

    Congrats on catching up to the manga, enjoy the well deserved break from the heavy workloads.

  13. interusage1


  14. Sabin

    Awesome job, thanks for the release

  15. Zarnikon

    thx a lot, for those that can’t wait, 389 raw:

    • isn’t this a good scan, Turnip farmers?
      anyway, I’ll always be waiting for your version
      thank u guys for your efforts.

      • It’s bearable but over-filtered. For example,

        On page 3, top right panel, the greys have become basically solid colours rather than a gradient. His hair has lost a fair bit of detail due to denoising filters.

        On page 5, top panel, same thing. Also look at his shoulder armour. It’s become either flat colour or weird circles due to the fact that they’ve gone overboard on using Topaz Clean -> Cartoon Filter on a high setting.

        Though, I suppose most people don’t notice these things.

      • Boo

        Haha 🙂 I hope our Turnip Farmers never compromise on their quality! They are true Farmers of the Heavens!

  16. Seba133

    Thank you

  17. makfresh22

    Thanks turnip!!!!!……chapter was awesome!!!!!!

  18. BraveKid

    raw 389 is out! When is your version coming out? 🙂

    • Every Saturday, around 6 days after the Chinese scans. We actually took a look at all the other scanlation groups releasing manga from Weekly Young Jump.

      Every one of them releases at least a week after the Chinese raws and sometimes 2-3 weeks after.

      Unless we have an unfiltered source to work off (someone to scan it for us), we’ll always be around a week behind.

      • kanki12

        thankkkkkkkkyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu oshit sama and the TF teammm. You guys are great.

        If no one notices, why does it even matter? Is it because of your personal reason of not doing it unless its perfect? Either way im with you and only read your material, never even tried the other source.

        I read that you said other scan groups take an extra week. Is it the same for the main stream ones like one piece/ bleach/naruto?

      • Zarnikon

        Have you tried contacting any of the chinese scanlators to see if you could get your hands on their raws?

        and @Kanki12, One piece, bleach and Naruto aren’t in Weekly Young Jump

      • kanki12

        fail, lol. Thanks for the info, was just wondering.

  19. mavis-chan

    Ty for the chap farmers!

  20. geroprog

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  21. X

    So you say one per week

  22. Lanbatal

    thanks so much guys!

  23. skyecl0uds

    so the translated version of turnip is really a better one 😀
    I’ve read the other translated kingdom but sometimes it seems confusing.

    so thank you turnip 🙂

  24. James

    Raw ch 389.. in case you want it!

  25. Viral

    “Might need more than one hand soon to count the number of single chapter releases we’ve done o.o”
    thanks a lot like always

  26. Brazil also reads Kingdom. Thank you!

  27. laclongquan

    One more to catch up~

  28. Jeffrey

    I hope the raw will come soon! 🙂

  29. KOsmaty

    Thank you for your hard work over all this time. I’m really grateful to you 😉

  30. Sion

    Can you give me some tutorials, please..?
    I’m a editor and i want to make my manga look as good as yours..
    I’m from Vietnamese, my English so bad so i don’t know how to ask well :(..
    I wanna know how to clean, make its perfect with CS6 like you’re doing.
    Please send me a .doc file or video, something like that, i really want to know about this..And a last question..what’s wrong with your link,,THANK YOU SO MUCH !

    • We use Topaz Clean 3, Topaz Denoise 5 and Photoshop CS2.

      There are a bunch of tutorials online if you look for them.

      As for the last, apparently I forgot to pay for the server, booting it back up now.

  31. MangaWiz

    Thanks as usual! HQ Ftw

  32. Sion

    Could sombody give me Kingdom vol 28++++ PSd file ??? Please..
    Thank you so much

    • File servers back up, you can get them from there up to volume 34 I think? Will be updating it this weekend to the latest volume probably.

  33. xatoatox

    hi…. been a long time since i’ve been here….. ty for the high quality work you’ve done… i really appreciate that… i’ll always wait for your releases… i know u guys don’t plan on scanlating another work as of yet but if u ever do i suggest The Sword of Emperor…. thx again for th work you’ve done…

  34. Dragon

    Tyvm for the chapter.

  35. Boo

    Oh yeah, I should probably ask this next release since you guys might not look at these comments after awhile, but I might forget so I’m gonna ask anyways.

    Can you scanlate the latest Stat Rankings in the volumes? I noticed that was missing, despite the numbers formerly available at Mangafox 😛

  36. Kimba

    Love Science 😀

  37. Mojrim

    Thank you!

  38. Kono-yaro

    checking up for a saturday release xD

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