Kingdom Chapter 389

Amazing how much free time you have scanlating one chapter a week… and how much of that free time you spend procrastinating.

v2 edit: Added a bunch of pixels that are meant to be birds (sadly, actually relevant).

Chapter 389v2: MF | Read Online | Bananas



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112 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 389

  1. Kimba

    Thank you for translating the Gros Michel Banana article. I had wanted to read it for ages. A riveting piece and a must read for all avid fruits.

    • ShoRyuKen

      Hope they do Osamu Tezuka’s classic wiki on eggplants next! How no group has picked it up yet is mind boggling..

      • Kimba

        Ah yes, my father’s work is well in need of a good translation.

        His work on the aubergine is certainly one of his best and it is a blotch on humanity that such work has yet to be translated.

  2. butako

    Thanks for the new chapters!

  3. hello turnip farmers you release a wonderful quality manga tnx. i have a request will you take-over gan-kon there is no group want to take over & this manga is wonderful. if you don’t want it’s ok 😦

  4. rahim


    Your name hidden in every chapter?

    Lies My eyes would have found them! Oooooh seriously im going to start scanning them all.

  5. AtHome

    Dog Flips Owner! Like&Subscribe New Videos Everyday!

  6. Ambl3

    Do you guys have any interest in putting up a thank you button for those of us too lazy to comment weekly but still want to show appreciation for your hard work? 😀

  7. Everin

    Would you guys consider redoing the first fifty or so chapters? Or whichever ones were translated by a different group?

  8. XXXCC

    ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty

  9. X

    Still no raws ;((((

  10. Apparently, Kingdom’s on break this week, Chinese raws aren’t out either.

  11. luke GB

    wow so the raws were leaked early nice to see the cocky bastard suffer mind you I hate wei so I want them to suffer more

    • Pretty much every manga that’s scanlated in Chinese is leaked up to a week before it’s even released in Japan.

      • luke GB

        how doe sit work do some authors send a batch of chapters to the editors i head one piece creator oda does it so i am not sure how it works typical if the dodgy raws come from china lol

      • Magazines are imported to countries outside of Japan before release dates so that they can all be released at the same time. This is why I think you can buy Weekly Young Jump in the US at the same time that it comes out in Japan.

        Leaked raws can be obtained if you work at a retail store that gets its stock before the release date. The store is meant hold them in storage until that date.

        Happens with Magic: The Gathering too. I once drafted a booster box secretly with a bunch of friends and a store owner before the pre-release events had even started >.>

  12. Pickswiss

    yeeaaaah 390 RAW out ! The break was last week I think ?

    • See my above posts for more info. We work off of the Japanese raws so we’ll be releasing around the 14th.

      • Pickswiss

        Oh sorry I didn’t read it >< !

        Thank's again for all the good work you did to catch up with the Japanes ! (I didn't say it when you did !) I discoverd Kingdom thanks to you !

        So see you in one week !

        (And sorry for the mistake I can make, I'm Swiss !)

  13. Well, since you say so i guess it is time to pick up RYUURODEN and let me quote:
    Amazing how much free time you have scanlating one chapter a week… and how much of that free time you spend procrastinating.
    I know that u said that u wouldn’t at the time, but since u are seeing that Translating a single manga a week is not enough i do think that is time to pick up another and since actually i read you saying something about Ryuuroden sometime ago, why not just pick it up? and as an additional incentive, i think those assholes that u mentioned that offered u money to do Kingdom for them actually took it and have put out chapters #104 and #105 ever since…
    Will you take it on?

  14. Ac :)

    Oh well 😦 Was looking for some quality manga this Sunday… Not a Sunday – more like Rainday of tears now… 😀

    Have a nice week off from scanlations 🙂

  15. F5 Airforce nuke samurai tank commander rocketlauncher unit

    meh unlucky kentucky

  16. viperking

    390 is on mangajoy

  17. Thanks for 389 and in advanced for 390. Bit late in thanking but late is better than never 🙂

  18. Kurtzin

    Idea: Release chapter 390 on wednesday and chapter 391 on sunday …

    just a selfish idea… im sorry u.u

  19. ehm

    ugh if you guys got that much free time please invent a time machine for me…. so i can go back in time..
    i miss youre updates… to the point it wants to make me cry…
    or you guys could start over? (sorry)

  20. Jeffrey

    Thanks you turnip farmer. my support will always be here.

    P.S. Even though kingdom is being released on other manga reading site, I still like to read what’s being released on TF. =D

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