Kingdom Chapter 390

And…. we’re back!

Chapter 390: MF | Read Online

So to address a few commonly asked questions about new releases, finishing off loose ends etc:

As it currently stands, we have yet to release:

  1. Volumes 1 and 2 of the manga
  2. 2 extra chapters from the 2nd Kingdom Omnibus
  3. 2 extra chapters from the 1st Kingdom Omnibus
  4. Volume 26 that was redrawn by 1000+ artists
  5. The Kingdom Guidebook with character stats etc.

For 1 and 2, these have been released by other groups already. We may release these some day but not any time in the foreseeable future.

For 3, we never found a complete set of raws for these. If anyone knows how to get them or where we could buy the omnibus online and ship it to Australia, we’d be happy to scanlate this.

For 4 and 5, there are no plans at all to scanlate these. Volume 26 would arguably not take much time but all text in the special volume is the same as in the normal volume 26 release. The kingdom guidebook contains a large amount of filler text and not much actual content. A lot of it is simply just strength, speed, special attribute numbers.

I’ve posted this a number of times now I think but:

We are not planning on doing anything except releasing 1 chapter a week of Kingdom for the foreseeable future. (except for point 3. above)

i.e., we are not taking up any new projects and will not be re-releasing volumes 1 and 2.

There are two reasons for this.

Rather outdated by now and undoubtedly an anachronism in fansubbing but perhaps still relevant in profit-free scanlation, I refer you to the not so new ethical code for digital fansubbing:

In essence, I largely don’t see much point in re-releasing work that’s already been done. The only reason we’re even considering doing volumes 1 and 2 etc. is simply due to consistency issues that often discourage new readers.

The other reason, and far larger a factor, is that we’re simply burnt out and busy with other things in life.

This post is far too long already so I might continue this on next weeks post.



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61 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 390

  1. makfresh22

    Thanks Turnip!!!!….Chapter was awesome!!!!…been a while since I’ve been first….muhahahhaa :p

  2. Anon

    Damn , now I want another chapter release……

    Thx Turnip~

  3. Qate

    Weren’t you supposed to address the earlier chapters/collab kingdom in this post?

  4. g0ne

    Thank you very much.

  5. lugh

    thank you as usual

  6. kizku

    great to see another quality release by you guys

  7. XieXie

    Daaaamn it feels like forever between chapter and chapter now.. Thank you very much for your effort!!

  8. You guys have already done so much; it’s completely understandable why you wouldn’t want to do other unnecessary extras. Thank y’all very much for spoiling us!

  9. Lanbatal

    Thanks guys appreciate the good work.

  10. Viral

    ok men,thanks a lot

  11. Hamozus

    Thanks 🙂
    Is there chapter going to be uploaded in Batoto soon ?

  12. Thanks for the chapter

  13. lonewolf

    thanks turnip farmers also such a cliff hanger ending haha

  14. SKhan

    Great work!

  15. Gramps

    long live turnip!!!
    banza! banzai! banzai!

  16. Thank you for the release!

  17. laclongquan

    Another Saturday, another harvest~

  18. Bamm

    I’m confused whats a kingdom Omnibus?

    • A collection of several of of the earliest volumes in one giant book. The omnibuses also included additional content like the 4 extra side stories.

  19. Seba133

    thank you

  20. Spamming F5

    Thanks for the release. Take it easy now and get the proper rest your need.
    No need to rush on picking up new project. I thrust your judgement that when your do, it a great one. 🙂

  21. F5 Airforce nuke samurai tank commander rocketlauncher unit

    Thanks guyzzzz love you (no homo).

  22. mavis-chan

    Thanks guys for the new chap!

  23. jeff

    i have a question since you won’t be doing the first 19 chapters which doesn’t really matter anyway, what is shin’s name in how you guys translate it instead of lixin like vendetta translated?

  24. Kuroshinji

    Hi, Turnip Farmers. What I am about to comment is not related to Kingdom manga (but boy am I grateful for the works you have done xD ).

    I was wondering if you would like to take a project to translate Karakuri Circus. Judash 137 from mangafox forums have provided a cleaned, japanese-text removed scans that are available for anyone to use for translated release purposes. The only thing that need to be done would be to translate the manga and have the text written in the empty boxes.

    I really love Karakuri circus and is very sad by the fact that no one would want to release English scans of the manga. I am more than willing to help out with the type-setting, I have no experience with type-setting but I am willing to learn how to do it and I have free time (my summer holiday is so long and I have free time to use and commit to a cause). The only part that is needed would be translating the Japanese text which is why I reached out to you guys.

      • Kuroshinji

        and I know you said you are not taking any project….I was just wondering if having ready cleaned scans and willing typesetter would change your mind ^^

      • Sorry for the late reply, been busy with other stuff recently.

        I can’t speak for oshit, but personally I read Karakuri ages ago and had good impressions of it. Problem is I really don’t have the motivation at the moment to translate another 20 odd volumes worth of manga, and god knows how hard it is to pry oshit off his MTG addiction.

        I might be able to scrounge up the effort to do a rough translation, but since that’ll require me to read all the current english scans and go download the jp raws, I can’t really promise anything for sure.

  25. Wii

    I’ll be honest, the ANN list of Ethical codes are pretty damn crap tho, half of them are reasonable, rest are just unnecessary bullshit. Anyway good job guys! Keep up the good work!

    • Well, it was written back in a time when fansubbing was only just becoming mainstream and likely, also as backlash towards the speedsubbing scene that was beginning to show itself around that time.

      In general, I agree with the main points (numbers) and disagree with a lot of the details (letters) which are definitely no longer relevant in the oversubbed / simulcasted / scanlating saturated world that we now live in.

  26. Okami

    Thanks guys! Great work as always!

  27. geroprog

    Thank you! 🙂

  28. tim

    Thanks… As far as I’m concerned it’s already great that you translate the new chapters ! You’ve done a fantastic job by allowing us to read this manga.

  29. xatoatox

    i hope 391 will be released today

  30. Kurt

    ch 392 raw available at

    waiting for double release…

    thx TF

  31. Corthonyax

    You guys are 1 chapter behind, 391 was released a week ago… Still Good Job, Keep It Up 🙂

  32. matri

    I completely agree on your position regarding the first two volumes. The translations are already there, there would really be no use reinventing the wheel. One of the reasons your work was so remarkable, apart for the sheer speed and the consistency with which the schedule has been followed, was because you were willing to translate the manga before it was popular, taking care of something that was not being addressed by anybody else, and thus you were able to make a difference -one can say pretty confidently that had you not decided to complete this task, Kingdom would still be sitting there, almost entirely untranslated-). Given the situation, namely the fact that if you hadn’t done it, no one else would have taken you place and there would essentially be *no* tranlation, your efforts had a huge impact, essentially because you filled that nieche and tackled a problem that no one else was willing to -an efficient, worthwile use of your time and effort-. Since the first two volumes have been translated and the language barrier is simply not there, I think that they don’t really pose a problem to the new reader: quite simply, once they have become captivated by the series, simply adjusting to new conventions for names wouldn’t be much of a problem. The amount of material following those two, with the new convention, would make the whole situation pretty unambiguous -the overwhelming majority of the work is consistent in terms of naming conventions-. A new car with a slightly better shade of red would go largely unnoticed, the time and effort would have gone into solving a non existing problem -given the nature of the work, while it’s better if it’s good, it doesn’t have to be perfect, particularly if making it perfect would take up resources that could be better employed in other endeavours, in scanslating or in life in general, that would almost certainly be a better use of your time (frankly, given the sheer amount of material, the fact that the first two volume might have inconsistent naming conventions is not really something that would bother/matter to anyone… maybe it would be different had the majority of the translation used inconsistent convention, but the translation as a whole is greatly coherent already)-.

  33. Hamozus

    391 HQ raw hasn’t arrived yet ?

  34. It just came out in Japanese on share tonight. Don’t have time right now to work on it so will be releasing tomorrow at 2 p.m. UTC / GMT

  35. widiz1312

    where i can found kingdom omnibus scanlation ?

  36. Dragon

    Thank you for your hard work, much appreciated.

  37. darky

    first of all thank you for everything you did..if not for you i would have missed the most amazing manga ever!
    second of all i would have really liked you to think about scanlating “ryuuden” an awesome manga that for some unclear reason stopped being scanlated at ch/100+ when it have more than 400 raw ch.
    one way or another…thank you verry much!:)

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