Kingdom Chapter 392

So an anonymous benefactor sent us an email with a pretty high quality raw for 392 a couple hours ago so here it is a few days early!

Chapter 392: MF | Read Online



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54 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 392

  1. f5 beta tester


  2. Random

    Alligator hunting in Venezuela.

  3. lugh

    Thank you. This was lucky

  4. Kono-yaro

    Thanks for the early release guys ! Keep up the great work 😀

  5. drumkn0tt

    Shout out to the person who sent the raws 🙂

  6. X

    ThX for benefactor
    : – )

    for turnipfarmers

  7. Spamming F5

    Thanks Turnip Farmers. Thanks to you too, anonymous benefactor

  8. Helena

    Great! Thanks, turnipfarmers and benefactor.

  9. Anon

    The raw link is of what the anonymous benefactor sent? Because that looks like it’d still take a lot of work.

    • Its unfiltered and at a pretty high resolution without much loss of detail. If you zoom in you can see the print dots.

      All magazine raws look like this and these are definitely better than most.

      You can compare the loss of detail with the Chinese scan releases on jide or the speedscans from mangajoy and that difference is why we don’t use Chinese scanlations for raws

  10. DoubleD


  11. kizku

    awesome, didn’t expect _this_ to brighten up my evening!

    many thanks to the raw provider and of course you guys for this chapter

  12. Masakorei

    That was a pleasant surprise 🙂 I hope your benefactor will keep sending you raws.

  13. mitrandir

    Nice surprise, much appreciated 🙂

  14. XieXie

    Thank you for the surprise! 🙂 (And thumbs up to the benefactor)

  15. mavis-chan

    Thanks for early new chapter farmers!!

  16. Mark Bryan Bisnar

    thank you turnip and mr. anonymous!

  17. \o/ Thnks for the chapter

  18. Gramps

    this is what you get for doin a great job so far, some called it karma. when in time of trouble, someone will lend you a hand. thx turnip and anonymous guy!

  19. Metal Gear Shin

    Thank you so much for the HQ release! Much appreciated !

  20. donkashun

    a few days early..? its been out… your a few days late. if you guys wont pick up a new manga just quit scanlating. all we get from you is excuses. even when your caught up and only have to handle a chapter a week your still late…i understand your doing people favors by scanlating, but if u chose to scalate, than scanlate, dont egg people on..if you chose not to scanlate. than good for you, you will no longer be counted on and people will no longer have the right to be disappointed in you. thanks you for scanlating kingdom up till now when no one else would. truly i appreciate it. but, decide, either your done, or your not.

    • Dan

      I suggest you quit reading from scans and learn japanese yourself then. This is done in their free time and they have to wait for good raws to release, if you are in such a hurry to read then either read in japanese or help them by sending good quality raws.

      Thank you Turnip and anonymous, your work is much appreciated.

    • Red Hare Kaizoku

      Hey troll, you succeeded in getting a reply out of me, have a dingleberry. If you don’t like their pace, stick with the other scanlaters that make kingdom more frustrating than enjoyable. This is a QUALITY scan, not some hack job you are so accustomed to. If you want it faster, why don’t you pull high quality raws out of your ass just like your rant.

      What a baby troll. Go cry to your boyfriend.

    • The magazine chapter 392 came out in was only released today and we released before the chapter was commercially available.

      Yes, our release is late in comparison to Chinese leaked raws and speedscans that use those as their source.

      We have no qualms with people choosing to read alternative scans of Kingdom that come out faster. In my mind, this is akin to people downloading CAM or telesync releases of movies. Something which I have been known to be guilty of from time to time.

      We will not be transitioning to speed scanning due to the lack of quality of the available raws.

      I’m not quite sure what excuses you’re referring to. Our modus operandi post catching up has never been delayed.

      Honestly speaking, if you are one of the people who enjoy reading the faster english releases and derive nothing from reading ours, you represent a large portion of the fan community.

      Nonetheless, while we don’t begrudge you anything, you should realise that we are not catering for you but for other readers who may appreciate the difference.

      /end rant

  21. Red Hare Kaizoku

    Thanks for making this chapter enjoyable to read ! I love how Kyoukai is letting her personality show.

  22. Soebandrijo

    Thank you!!!, o great farmers, you really have brought us a very nice gift….

  23. Viral

    \o/Thanks a lot guys. Thanks to you too, anonymous benefactor;)

  24. ShoRyuKen

    Thank you Hara sense– uh, I mean “anonymous benefactor”. (Your secret is safe with me!)

  25. Okami

    What a pleasant surprise, thanks guys!

  26. Fudgey

    Early release…

    This pleases me.

  27. temaris

    bless whoever did that

  28. TebeT

    Thank You Turnip Farmer
    And thank You Anonymous that sent 392 Raw

  29. Ambl3

    Hail the turnips

  30. jozze

    Thanks! I really appreciate it! You guys are awesome (which is how we say `8′ in my language, so 888888888!!!!) 😀

  31. Dedicated supporter

    It doesn’t take much time to comment yet it makes both the scanlator and the anonymous benefactor happy.
    Thanks for providing the raws, Mr. Anon, and thanks to Turnip for releasing yet another entertaining chapter. Keep it up, you guys. You’re awesome.

  32. Kurt

    393 raw already out at

    dont know if its the chinese version… but well… it wont hurt if check it out.

    • X

      Low quality. ;p

    • Shin and Noi

      Thanks a million turnipfarmers! I should have checked the site earlier this week, didn’t even realize we had a generous anon. helping out ^_^ I am one of those people that wait for your release rather than the speed releases (loyalty/better translation/higher quality), so please keep up the amazing work!

  33. laclongquan

    Chapter, AHOY~

  34. Thank great turnip farmers of heaven and great benefactor of the heavens

  35. Jeffrey

    woah! thanks for this turnipfarmers.

  36. makfresh22

    Thanks Turnip!!!!! 😀

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