Kingdom Chapter 393

Here we are yet again with an early leaked raw we got earlier today.

So, from this point on, I’m not entirely sure what day we’ll be able to get Kingdom out as we’re sent the raws anonymously.

Suffice to say, we’ll always release either the night we get our hands on a raw or the day after.

Worst case scenario is typically 2-3 days after the official magazine retail release on Thursdays (which would have been this upcoming Saturday the 5th for this chapter).

File server’s also down temporarily as we move hosts.

Chapter 393: MF | Bread Online



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45 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 393

  1. geroprog

    Thank you very much!:))

  2. Red Hare Kaizoku

    Awesome!!, Btw, I noticed there are two parts where JunSou is spelled JunYou… I believe it started on page 14.

    • TebeT

      Yes , I spot them too at page 196 also page 197
      It says JunSou at one
      And JunYou at another

      Sory Bad English

      • Will fix it on the weekend along with some other naming fixes probably

      • Kimba

        Just read it. Also “mine” instead of “me” on the first page (183)

        The on whose name will become famous, will be **mine**!

      • /a/

        Don’t really know what is wrong with that sentence, since he said “Whose name…”, which state that it’s the name so using “mine” is not wrong, it’s more correct than “me”

      • /a/

        nvm the comment above jsut a retarded comment :S

      • It’s actually correct as it currently is using “me”.

        The one (whose name will become famous [adjective phrase]) is me.

        We can liken this to:
        The person who ate the banana was me.
        as opposed to:
        The person who ate the banana was mine.

        Shifted into future tense, it becomes:
        The person who will eat the banana is me.

        It’s a pretty awkward sentence though.

        The confusion likely arises due to the most common form of the sentence being:
        My name will become famous.
        where the name is the subject of the sentence and “my” is in the same genitive case as “mine”.

        The sentence used, however, is akin to:
        It is I who will become famous.

        — which funnily enough, brings us to another grammatical error(?) (at least formally) in that the “me” should really be “I” as the existential ‘to be’ verb of “is” is not transitive.

        Consider “It is I” vs “It is me”; then promptly ignore formal English grammar and English in general as the entire language is beautiful and yet, completely nonsensical.

    • Kimba


      What did you study?

      This is beyond me. I only did English in public school, so basically I’m barely literate. So the comma positioning is correct?

      Still sounds funny but I can’t argue as my/I/mine/our/ones (jk) footing isn’t great in English grammar. Thanks for the correction. 🙂

      • Kimba

        Without test

      • Definitely going on my ‘to watch’ list.

        The comma positioning isn’t technically correct but it’s there simply to indicate a brief pause.

        I studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in University and nothing to do with language, I’ve simply been interested in formal grammar at various points in my life and am pretty pedantic about spelling and grammar in published medium (or maybe I’m just pedantic in general).

        Some would say I have a penchant for elegant prose and a disposition towards verbosity.

        When talking on skype or in a chatroom or something though, I type like a nong.

  3. Ouki

    Thanks for the early release ^^

  4. otakuuuu567

    Thx (>^.^)>♡

  5. kurogane222

    thanks guys as well as the anonymous benefactor ^^

  6. Spamming F5

    Thanks for the release 🙂

  7. Shin and Noi

    Thank you turnipfarmers! Thank you Anonymous!

  8. batangas

    we want more!!!!!

  9. Hi. Can you reupload all of your chapters? Mediafire links are broken and your server is down.

  10. Ac :)

    Thanks TurnipFarmers and the Anonymous donator (-s) 🙂 Did not expect a turnip release so fast from the other ;P

  11. Okami

    Thank you very much and many thanks to the anonymous donor(s)!

  12. bisaaaaaa

    thanks 🙂

  13. js

    Thanks 4 every1

  14. Tim

    Awesome ! The trad is good as always 🙂 Thanks to the anon provider too.

  15. Thanks for the chapter

  16. XieXie

    Thank you very much.

  17. Ambl3

    woo! so does this imply that this source of raw is permanent?

    • All I know is that if we get sent usable raws at least 4 hrs before our midnight (2 p.m. UTC / GMT), we will scanlate and release it on that day 😛

      The 4 hrs is roughly how long it takes to go from a complete raw like ( to a scanlated chapter.

      Otherwise, it will be released the following day.

  18. Viral

    thanks a lot guys

  19. Boo

    Thanks for the release once again Turnip Farmers! Oh and since it’s been awhile and we’ve had a lot of new characters, wouldn’t it be great to update the excel spread sheet for translating names? 🙂

  20. Lanbatal

    thanks guys!

  21. Seba133

    Thank you

  22. Kurtzin

    thx you guys

  23. Jeffrey

    its great to read new chapter while waiting for new releases! thanks again turnipfarmers.

  24. Thanks, Also I was hungry and tried to eat that Bread online you offered, but it seem that was a lie.

  25. Maio

    God damn it. I want to keep reading the manga, but now since I know what is going to happen to Shin later on I don’t feel like it. It sucks to see Shin raising up through such hardship only to fail at the end.

    • It’s not the destination but the journey that matters! or so they say.

      Historical fiction’s all in the telling of the story.

      Off-tangent, I recently re-read Guy Gavriel Kay’s “River of Stars”, a novel set in Song Dynasty China that follows the life of Yue Fei. Probably my favourite read of 2013 now that I think about it.

  26. X

    Lov quality china raw 394 online ^ ^

  27. makfresh22

    Thanks Turnip!!!!! 😀

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