Kingdom Chapter 394

We mistranslated Earl Shi as Shihaku in earlier chapters. Makes a lot more sense since he’s called Shi Ei.

So tomorrow we’ll:

  • v2 the last volume of chapters to correct that along with the typos in c393.
  • Release volume 33’s omake (extra / bonus pages) from the tankoubon
  • Update the server with volume 35 and 36 PSDs and batch zips

In the mean time, here’s this week’s chapter.

Chapter 394: MF | Read Online


Volume 33 Omake (Bonus Chapter)

Chapter 360.1: MF | Read Online

v2 and v3 Edits

Chapter 382v2: MF

Chapter 387v2: MF

Chapter 388v2: MF

Chapter 389v3: MF

Chapter 390v2: MF

Chapter 391v2: MF

Chapter 392v2: MF

Chapter 393v2: MF




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  2. Ouki

    Hura .. thanks for the new release =)

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    thanks for always being there heh he

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    Thank you, just what I needed, a chapter of Kingdom before the Argentina – Belgium game! x]

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    i don’t see how ouhon expects to win @_@;… this enemy is way too much for him in my opinion…

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    So early.. Awesome! The next chapters are going to be crazy. 🙂

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    whoever is translating or editing for you guys does a great job. last three chapters make alot more sense rereading tf scans

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    You rock! Thank you

  13. ShoRyuKen

    Also mistranslated were the names Shin, Ei Sei and Kouyakai who will now be called Archduke Wong, Viscount Lee and Baronet Chang.

    • Boo

      Yeah, great chapter as always but Earl Shi just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Shihaku. The word Earl just instinctively sounds too western for this setting. Wouldn’t there be another option akin to it? Like how you named Yotanwa Dai Jouzou which is the Japanese version of Da Shangzao.

      • Boo

        Actually fiddling around with Google translate gives Earl = 伯爵 = Hakushaku in Japanese.

      • Boo

        As in Haku = Earl and Shi = name? Since in English we go by Rank -> Name but for eastern ordering it’s usually reverse, so it’s Shi Hakushaku which is probably how you guys got Shihaku.

        I know you guys uses western terms more often though, but at times they plug in eastern terms as well, so hoping to hear your thoughts on the matter 🙂

      • Yes, Haku is Earl which is normally written as two characters 伯爵. Yasuhisa Hara takes a lot of liberties with translating Chinese names into readable Japanese with a large amount of the ruby text not actually making any sense for the pronunciation. In Kingdom, he only uses 伯.

        Technically, Shoubunkun is meant to be Lord Shoubun and is Changwenjun or Lord Changwen in Chinese. Likewise for Shouheikun etc. as the kun/jun translates to Lord.

        It was rather late to go about fixing ~150 chapters by the time we realised our mistake so we left it as is. The alternative to Earl is Count or the generic Lord but Earl is what English textbooks seem to translate it into so we’re just going with that.

        The difference with Da Shangzhao is that there doesn’t exist a common English equivalent and is typically left as is in historical textbooks with a footnote or something explaining what it is.

        If we were ever to v2 every single chapter we’d released, fixes to names etc would be as in the Kingdom Character Name Spreadsheet at

      • Boo

        Well I just mean for now Shi Haku sounds more phonetically in line with the setting of Kingdom than Earl Shi. This isn’t a western vs eastern thing at all, purely how Earl sounds.

        Might just be me though, but more often than not I imagine a guy twirling his mustache drinking tea at a open air patio at a restaurant than some bad ass Great General who has a laser cannon as a spear. This doesn’t really apply to other terms like Lord, king, etc etc.

        The omake was hilarious though, great stuff.

      • Well, our options were to leave it there and introduce footnotes or actually translate it and avoid ambiguity.

        Since we chose to do the latter, we had to translate it into something.

        Both Count and Earl run into the same problem while Lord skirts around the issue but loses meaning in translation.

        ——– Going off on a tangent here ——–

        Translating has always been a contest between readability and accuracy or liberal vs literal translations. Some would argue that using Earl adds information to the reader while others think it detracts from the reading experience.

        Personally, I’m one of the people who touts making translations as liberal as possible while gongitraped would vehemently disagree (which is why we still use suffixes after names).

        I don’t think there’s any real answer. Smarter people than us have argued back and forth about the translator’s invisibility (see Lawrence Venuti et al.) and since this is a non-official fan translation, we normally get to be inconsistent without significant blowback 😛

        Some people hated the fact that we used Japanese Names over Chinese names. I think these people need to realise that this is a fictional story loosely based on history and that merits exist on both sides of the argument. I refer them to a large historical fiction tradition of renaming historical figures in fantasy fiction (Guy Gavriel Kay, Paul Kearney) and leave off with a somewhat related and perhaps interesting essay by Guy Gavriel Kay (

      • ShoRyuKen

        IIRC, the translation chain goes 1) Historical name of real life person, written in Mandarin characters; 2) pronunciation of said name with five tonal Mandarin system; 3) Hara’s rendering of that name’s pronunciation, written in kanji/hiragana/katakana characters; 4) syllabic pronunciation of that name with Japanese pitch accent system; 5) Turnip Farmer’s rendering of Hara’s pronunciation of that name’s pronunciation written in English alphabet characters; 6) syllabic pronunciation of that name w/ English’s super weird mutant-Germanic system.

        My philosophy would be 1000% to cater to the destination language. I get the opposing argument in favor of the source langauge, but IMHO after so many iterations, it’s a losing battle — by step 6 you’ve lost the Mandarin tones and “all Chinese names sound the same”.

        Hence, Earl!

      • The chain for character names goes:

        1. Chinese Characters / Japanese Kanji (same thing)
        2. Hara’s pronunciation of these characters in Hiragana ruby characters (
        3. Hiragana -> Romaji translation leaves you with the romanised equivalent.

        Problems include:

        Many Chinese characters are not commonly used in Kanji. Hara’s translation of these is based off equivalent sounds or is made up.

        Some of Hara’s Chinese Characters are fragments and unintelligible like how Hara uses 伯 instead of 伯爵.

        Names are written and read as a single block. e.g. Ouki instead of Ou Ki.

        Titles like King, Lord, Earl, Duke have been appended as part of the character’s names and even have their own ruby characters.

        Here’s an example.
        紫 伯 – Chinese Characters / Kanji
        し はく – Hiragana Ruby Characters (Hara’s pronunciation guide)
        Shi Haku – Written in Romaji
        note that the spaces are only to show that the 2nd character is read as haku.

        I actually wonder how Japanese native speakers read the names and if they recognise it as a rank and not simply part of the name.

    • Heh.

      If it weren’t confusing due to his full name actually being Shi Ei, we’d have left it as is. I have to agree that Shihaku has a better ring to it than Earl Shi.

      For example, should really be Shi Ei since his name isn’t Haku.

      • Sasi

        Since you’re ina good explaining mood oshit – care to answer what is the difference between Lord, Duke and Earl? Oh and why is Duke Hyou dead? Germany or Brazil? If you don’t know everything it’s ok, I’ll still respect you.

      • The difference is just what they are commonly translated as in English and are very roughly approximate to traditional European noble ranks. see

        君 -> Lord
        公 -> Duke
        伯爵 -> Count / Earl

        Lord is generic and simply means they’re part of the aristocracy.

        Don’t quite understand your question regarding Duke Hyou,

        Before Neymar caked it, I would’ve bet on Brazil. Probably still will.

      • Zarnikon


        Hope you didn’t bet on brazil, they got slaughtered xD

      • Perhaps most depressing game I’ve ever watched :(.

      • Sasi

        Thanks. About duke Hyou I meant it in “why oh why” way – really liked the guy. Luckily I went with Germany, but the score… painful to watch.

      • Sion

        Can you send me a PSD file when you done new chapters ? I will not share to anyone, Wait for a volume is too long :(. Just because English words on picture is too big, i don’t know how to clean :(.My class really like this.. Here’s my gmail :

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    Thanks man! I honestly wish you guys were still the only ones scanlating because they really can’t do a decent job for shit (no pun intended oshit). Another thing that bothers me is that you guys picked it up and continued with it and they decided to do it to? Why can’t they just overlook like “oh there’s a manga that has been scanlated, we don’t need to, let’s pick up a project where no one else is working on” We don’t need other scanlating groups for Kingdom, just Turnip Farmers.

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