Kingdom Chapter 397

Mmm tasty.

Chapter 397: MF



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  1. thx alot for the new chapter

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    Thanks for the chapter

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    Thank you very much! 🙂

  4. F5's army member.

    I love that you do this with a Don!

  5. zenla

    My visit was worth it!

  6. mat

    I really love and appreciate your work!

  7. LeTouriste


  8. /a/

    Thanx for the release though the quality of the clean dropped in the second half :/

  9. Shin and Noi

    Thank you very much Turnipfarmers!

  10. WingIt22

    thank you!!!!!!!

  11. jozze

    Yay! There’s nothing better than returning from the sea and having two chapters of Kingdom awaiting for you!

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    Wonderful! Thank you for the chapter.

  17. Thanks for the chapter

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  19. MonsterLuffy

    Thanks guys. On a totally different note, what are your favorite manga series??

    • Been reading manga for so long that the list is far too large to judge fairly.

      A few completed titles in different genres that I liked off the top of my head are:
      Onani Master Kurosawa
      Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
      Love Roma
      Yotsuba to!

      As for currently ongoing manga, releases of Horimiya and Hinamatsuri are probably what I look forward to the most.

      Off tangent – Mad respect for Norway scans! Anonymous Preferred has excellent taste in manga and a great work ethic.

      Also this.

      • openaperture

        human relationships, romanticism and comedy… you sir have a great taste. i’m very happy to know that someone else besides me loved yokohama kaidashi kikou. btw, thanks a lot for mentioning hinamatsuri. i never knew another beautiful title like that existed.
        p.s. have you read angel densetsu?

      • Yep, a long long time ago.

      • Bluedragon

        how about Ares the art isnt the best but the story is great and one of the best manga/manhwa ive read

      • I read it a very long time ago (probably started following it around ’06). Wasn’t really memorable for me though.

      • openaperture

        just finished homunculus and began aku no hana. recommend both.
        although they drive you a little closer to madness, or clarity? i’m not sure

      • openaperture

        shit. it hurts, it really does. turned out to be more than i bargained for. i’m a mess, it hurts so much that i can’t even cry. oshimi is a sick fuck for writing this. i might have to see what else he made…

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  24. Ac :)

    Thanks 😉 is the fruit delicious? Wiki says it’s multi-use but haven’t seen anything as such in the shops in my country. Are they easily spoiled?

    • Pretty hard to find outside of SEA / India / Sri Lanka etc.

      I’ve never seen any in Australia myself. Had to fly over to Malaysia to eat them along with all the other tropical fruits.

  25. zazo100

    Awesome chapter again, thanx guys

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