Kingdom Chapter 398

More china boy with sword glaive.

Chapter 398: MF



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55 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 398

  1. tanz

    dem china boys with swords

  2. Dedicated supporter

    I like me some China boys with glaives.

  3. happy


  4. Tom

    Praise the Turnip!
    Thanks 🙂 Hope you had a great time on vacation

  5. X

    : – )

    Next victory f5 team.

  6. geroprog

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  7. Spamming F5

    Thanks for the release 🙂

  8. jozze

    Thanks yet again for your work!

  9. WingIt22

    thanks!!! 😀

  10. mitra

    Interesting chapter. It seems that Gaimou doesn’t really have a particular aim, not even to prove his martial might like Houken, he simply fights for the sake of fighting… could the fact that he doesn’t really have a goal he fights for, something he wants to accomplish, mean that he could be persuaded to change sides? After all, it doesn’t seem like Shin will be able to pull a Ohuon here (which is realistic, since it is essentially a clash of brute strength and he is even lagging behind in technique and experience).

    • Ggoh

      I think he just like fighting. Unlike houken it doesn’t seem like he is seeking out strong opponents, more he just want to win fights.

      I guess kyou Kai will get the head of gohou Mie since this is the war for Qins next generations to show their might and ouhon already won his fight.

    • aneto

      I don’t think that the reason, if Gaimou don’t have particular aim then he is similar with Duke Hyou.
      Well I think so too that kyou kai will take gohomei head. She used to be an assassins, and now is the perfect chance to show she is more than the shadow of shin

      • Ggoh

        Exactly! I’m hopning that she will get her own Unit at some point. In a way so history will repeat itself like with kyou and ouki vs kyokai and shin. Just not will kyokai getting killed

        This will be the foundation of the new great generals of Qin system

      • aneto

        Yes, but I prefer she stay in Hi Shin unit, I like them together 😀

  11. XieXie

    Thank you Turnips sirs!

  12. LeTouriste

    merci guys

  13. mavis-chan

    Thanks for the new chap!

  14. Thanks for the chapter

  15. i truly believe that now will be the real time for shin to shine, it is more than time that he show us the true meaning of an instinctual type general, after all this is gohoumei and there will still be a war with the reserves units that he has in hands and the tatics of an extremely talented general like him with some skill near of Riboku can only be seen by the eyes of a instinctual general, anyway its more than time for shin to become more awesome instead of just fighting like a beast and overcoming his physicals limits… cant wait for the next manga great work you guys are fucking awesome translating this, it changes lifes!

  16. Red Hare Kaizoku

    I like the flashback of ouki….miss you man! Tou was funny too

  17. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  18. X

    Predicts the future:
    Ryuukoku will do someting and Ka Ryo Ten will quilt from unit
    Kyou Kai will take head gohumei. She will take promotion ,and forcet to quilt from unit

  19. Shin and Noi

    Thank you turnipfarmers! ^_^

  20. makfresh22

    Thanks turnip!!! 😀

  21. Tim

    Uuuuhh my dose! 🙂

  22. Robert

    approximately monday or tuesday for release

  23. X

    Kingdom taking a break this week as Young Jump magazine is taking a break.

  24. vwin


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  26. Damn shitty farmers. Should have farmed more slowly. Now the soil`s all depleted.

  27. Metal Gear Shin


  28. geroprog

    399 RAW on mangabird

  29. zazo100

    Aaaaaaaah i need Kingdom.

    PS. Awesome that you’re still keeping the serie going!!!

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