Kingdom Chapter 400

400 chapters! hurrah!

It occurs to me that I probably spend more time scanlating than reading manga each week (roughly 1.5 hrs). Gone are the days where I could log into IRC and spend hours pulling and reading entire volumes of manga I’d never read off lurk.

Seems Sturgeon’s law coupled with age continues to frustrate my greater attempts at wasting time.

Also, next chapter may be delayed several days. : (

Chapter 400: MF


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69 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 400

  1. tanz

    400TH CHAPTER!

  2. TyranuSs

    LoL That Houmei the Fox! xD I really thought he was done. Oh well Shin I wish you luck… 😦

    • Jerry

      There’s also this ouhon vs shin contest, and shin is loosing big time. Ganbare shin!!

      • Shiro

        Well, the thing is that Ouhon killed a dragon, so will (hopefully its fatal) Shin. I think its even already. Though none of them would get the head of Houmei.

      • vwin

        I doubt that girly looking fire dragon crap would survive that glaive carving into his body like that. Damn and he’s supposed to be 40+ years old…

  3. X

    : )

    Ps: Midlife crisis? or simply melancholy

    • Just an observation; though, perhaps a tad depressing. It’s inevitable I suppose. When you’re new to a medium, all the choice in the world is yours. Every book on the shelf is new and unhindered by any expectations.

      Now, being older and both a voracious and fastidious reader, it seems that it’s become far more difficult to find new manga that appeals to me.

      Perhaps it’s simply a case of rose-tinted glasses or perhaps, it’s due to my tastes in manga lying towards those with monthly release dates. Or possibly, I’m simply bored and my observation is in itself, self-justification of the dwindling number of manga and anime that I find interesting these days.

      • X

        Sir what you will say for anime ?
        No game, no life

      • That was pretty good last season. This season, the only anime I’ve been watching completely are Aldnoah and Zankyou no Terror.

      • X

        So on the eye, should suit you:
        Akame ga Kill! anime/manga
        Black Bullet anime/manga

        Aldnoah Good choice
        Zankyou no Terror. First heart, time to check.

      • I generally don’t bother watching anime if I’ve read the source material. I’ve read Akame ga Kill! although I don’t keep up to date with it and don’t plan to watch it. I “watched” Black Bullet last season by mostly skipping through episodes.

        I basically watch the first 3-4 episodes of every anime every season and then drop pretty much everything I’m not interested in.

        Last season, the list of shows I watched completely was:
        Isshuukan Friends
        No Game No Life
        Ping Pong
        Mushishi 2

        I dropped everything else or speed watched it via the forward arrow key.

      • sam

        Story of my life. It seems we’re both in the same boat. Sucks! Checkout…

        * Manga – Kenji (Baji Quan, ’88)
        * LightNovel – ARK & Moonlight Sculptor @
        * Books – Anthony Gillis, Storm’s Own ; Anthony Ryan, Blood Song ; D. Rus, Alterworld ; David Wells, ThinBlade
        H. Lee Morgan, Death Saga ; H. Rhynedahll, Key to Magic ; J.S. Morin, Twinborn Saga ; Jeremy Laszlo, Blood & Brotherhood ;
        Tim Stead, Sparrow & the Wolf ; Trevor H. Cooley, Bowl of Souls ; Kristopher Cruz, Spellscribed ; Will Wight, Traveler’s Gate;

      • Kenji was pretty good. I’ve read a fair bit of the Moonlight Sculptor LN but tend to stay away from LNs in general due to the quality of prose and poor TL/editing in most of them.

        I think the only LNs I’ve really enjoyed are Gekkou and the official Spice and Wolf TL from Yen Press.

        That’s quite a list of fantasy though. Probably read just under half of that list. Most recently, Tower Lord in which I forgot everything that had happened in Blood Song and was wondering what in the world was happening.

        Will definitely check out the rest 😛

  4. g0ne

    Thank you very much.

  5. jDuck

    Thank you very much!

  6. Dedicated supporter

    Sturgeon was a wise man. I feel you, bud… I feel you.

    Thanks for the chapter btw. As splendidly scanlated as ever. ❤

  7. Gnama

    We all have this problem especially when you are freelance, working or… wasting time, well no matter, the important is to accept our choice and the reality because we owe the reality and we are part of it, not the contrary.
    Thank you for the chapter.
    Would be better if you upload the last chapter on the server though, because I can’t download via MF (it takes me 2h via ddl but it’s better than nothing).

  8. jDuck

    Damn, it makes so much more sense with turnip translation compared to MJ. Got to love quality over Haste

  9. splendid quality as always, this is what makes this manga so perfect, thank you very much!

  10. Jozze

    Yay! 400th chapter! Time to read! Thanks turnip farmers, for your incredible devotion to scanlating this awesome series!

  11. Kimba

    Thank you for the chapters.

    *posted this early on the wrong thread ><

  12. kizku

    great job as always!

    let’s see how houmei’s ‘trick’ plays out

  13. lugh

    thank you as usual.All hail turnip.

  14. Kjubaran

    such a sad comment for 400 chapter..

  15. Kill that bitch Houmei in the next Chapt pls,Shin !!!!

  16. makfresh22

    Thanks for all our hard work guys!!!!…really appreciate it 😀
    Also, Shin’s perceptiveness is BEAST!!!….sadly don’t think Houmei is gonna die, at least not just yet….he’s got all that new generation thing going for him

  17. Tim

    Congratulations for all your work. Deep thanks for allowing me to read Kingdom up to this point. 😉

  18. Boo

    One day you will find time to read more manga 🙂 until then thanks once again for the weekly chapter! Gooo TF!

  19. Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  20. XieXie

    Thank you for your awesome quality as always! 400 chapters already! Wow!

  21. geroprog

    Thank you for the hard work! 🙂

  22. Kijin

    Yeah, Houmei’s probably gonna get to skedaddle away. Oh well, At least Shin got Reioh out of it. Though Tou might not be as safe as we think.

  23. Boo

    Oh and this chapter has a typo. One of the pages has a soldier addressing Kanou as Kanyou.

  24. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  25. Spamming F5

    Thanks for the release 🙂

  26. musli

    trust me we all know how it feels but keep it up man
    never give up just like shin

  27. aer

    Thank you!!
    I need the next few chapters of Kindom, now! I don’t like the suspense at the end of this chapter!!!

  28. Camel

    THIS CHAPTER HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH. Thanks very much guys ^^

  29. Narha

    Thanks a lot!
    And I wonder if I shouldnt have read up on the history of china, it kinda contains spoilers if the mangaka is going to continue being true to true history 😮
    But it did give me a lot of respect for some of them, especially Haku Ki.

  30. Mmyin

    Raw for Kingdom 401 is out now.

  31. meh

    “Also, next chapter may be delayed several days. : (”
    sad news

  32. Jeffrey

    thank you turnipfarmers.

  33. Bakuman

    Thanks a lot guys!!

  34. Okami

    Thank you very much guys, you do excellent work!

  35. krick

    can’t wait for the next chapters 😦

  36. i like your good work

    i know you said it would be delaid but i am totaly exited about the next chapter. already clicked the raw like 401 times 😉 even thow i do not understand one thing. take your time and make a good translation like always.
    love your good work

  37. Soeban

    Thanks for everything…
    patiently waiting for 401, not yet dare to open any raws yet….

  38. Algarban

    Thanks!! great hard work! cant wait for next chapter

  39. Tariq

    When are you gonna release 401???????????

  40. Jozze

    I am in a desperate need of the 401th chapter now … Oh modest farmers of turnips, hear my plea!

  41. arief

    waiting for 401st chapter. Hope you will find time to scanlate it……

  42. Zion

    402 will be delayed too ?? @_@. i’m dying,zzz

  43. saudivip

    this is like drugs … plz i beg you give us the chapter

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