Kingdom Chapter 401

It’s finally here! Next chapter should be out on Monday or Tuesday like normal. Scrap that, Kingdom’s on break for a week.

Chapter 401: MF

Also a v2 of chapter 400 to fix a small typo.

Chapter 400v2: MF



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65 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 401

  1. F5Commando


  2. X

    : – )

    Rss reed reader rox



  4. Jozze

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gnama

    Yay! thanks guys.

  6. B

    Hi, thanks for all your work!! By the way i read on mangafoxs forum that there would be no new chapter this week as kingdom was taking a break- is this correct because the chapter doesnt mention anything. :/.

  7. GonFreaksss

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dedicated supporter

    Found a few typos and misplaced (read: switched) words here and there but it was nothing major.
    What the chapter did though is make me literally tremble with excitement. We’re in for a wild ride, ladies and gentlemen, and turnip will be the ones leading us on that glorious journey (after the author himself of course lol).

  9. Dick

    can’t wait for award ceremony

  10. matsuda87


    Hmm… I thought kingdom will taking a break next week…

  11. makfresh22

    Thanks Turnip 😀

  12. kizku

    thank you guys!

  13. saudivip

    thank you very much :DDDDD

  14. LeTouriste

    ty guys:)

  15. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  16. Spamming F5

    Thank you 🙂

  17. Arief

    thank you very much…..


    thank you very much

  18. Sasi

    So it’s ok to call Ranbihaku Ranbihaku but Shihaku had to be changed to Earl Shi

    • They aren’t the same Kanji. Only the pronunciation is the same. That’s why you often see in manga the characters telling other characters how their name is pronounced / it’s meaning.

      Even English has this ambiguity at times. Earl is also a given name for a person but it doesn’t mean that they’re an Earl.

  19. geroprog

    Thank you for the hard work!

  20. darky

    first of all thank you very much for all the chapters
    secondly i would like to ask you to think about scanlating a new manga since you already finished catching up with kingdom.
    i know you said long ago that you wont take another project so please take it as no more than a suggestion.
    i would like to suggest you to scanlat the manga “ryuurouden” since its fairly similar to kingdom in its plot(takes place in china and focuses on battles) and honestly.. its interesting just as much.further more it is a very long manga with a sequal that was abandoned at its start long ago for a reason i really cant understand so its not like you will finish it quickly and start jumping betwen project.
    just take note that you dont need to scanlate it at the same insanly fast speed you realesed kingdom in.
    i would really appreciate you thinking about it and thank you for listening.

    • solid

      I am a huge kingdom fan and go through withdrawal without it but I Also love ryuurouden and finding it yo not find the ending or regular updates hurts please save me

  21. EricHai

    First, thank you for the scanlation. Second, what’s going on? The scanlation for this chapter is just god awful.

  22. Zion

    Yay yay, but will 402 be delayed too ??? ~__~

  23. F5 Airforce nuke samurai tank commander rocketlauncher unit


  24. Jozze

    Well, at least you’ve got another break 🙂 Enjoy it, and play some Magic 😀

  25. Lanbatal

    Good job once again lads

  26. F5Commando

    BTW Anyone know a good site to read The gamer (Translated ofcourse) Mangacow got a DMCA and I refuse to read from mangajoy..

  27. Kingdom's Fan


  28. Fahrenheit451

    Thanks! for the 401 scanlated chapters

  29. djokami

    Thanks guys, seriously epic!

  30. Dizon
    When do you scanlate turnip’s kingdom 402..Professor X ??:((

  31. mavis-chan

    Tyvm farmers!

  32. 402 will be out tomorrow

  33. Gxc

    Heya, i dunno what u guys talking about kingdom havibg a break, the 402 raws have been laying around in mangabird for quite some days

  34. GxC

    i see, but i think it came 4-3 days ago, so i dunno. well as long as the raws are here, then it won’t be long for the sub to come ^^

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  36. matsuda87

    F5 army…. “iT’S TIME FOR THE BLOOD BATH” :v

    ChaaarrrRRGGGeee….*f5 button rapid rape*

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